Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun Fact Friday

1. You may have seen the above picture in my PL layout a few weeks back.  Every day this picture stares at me because the bebe has somehow made it my computer screen's background.  I'm not sure how he managed that.  Do you know how long it took me to figure out how to change my background way back when?  This bebe somehow did it without blinking an eye!   This is his "gonna eat you" face.  I crack up EVERY time I see this picture!

2. Good deed of the day:  I saw a worm slithering across the sidewalk.  I walked past it a few times, but it didn't seem to be getting anywhere.  I couldn't handle the thought of this poor worm drying out on the cement so...yes...I saved it!  I placed it on some nearby dirt.  Surely it was thankful for being rescued by a human.  Although, it was probably uttering to itself "This is NOT where I was headed, crazy woman.  Let me be!"  Pay it forward, wormPay it forward!

3. Logan isn't a big fan of bugs.  He likes looking at them, but that's it.  They need to keep their distance.  The other day he found a that was dead, mind you.  He wouldn't let it be.  He kept staring at it and wanted me to do something.  Being the mother that I am, I just sat there.  He decided to take matters into his own hands.  He took off his boots, put them on his HANDS, and gently smashed up the spider!  I so wish I would've captured that on film...okay, SD card! 

4. Merisa was a participant in her school's spelling bee.  Have I mentioned how she's quite the speller?  This proud mama attended the event with video camera in hand.  Let me tell you it was the most nerve-racking experience of my life!  My stomach was in knots as each kid got up to spell their word!  I couldn't handle the thought of anyone being buzzed for an incorrect spelling.  It was HORRIBLE!  Horrible, I tell you!  I think I was more nervous than any of the kids!  I should be banned from such events...especially since I managed to take a picture with the FLASH on while one little person was in the midst of spelling!  Yep, total distraction!  I felt awful, but the little man spelled away and made it to the next round.  Oh, Merisa did quite well.  She was in the top five...only older students were left in the fierce competition when she was buzzed!  I'm SO proud!

5. So I'm NOT a farm-girl by nature.  A tractor to me is what most call a lawn mower.  I've learned A LOT since being married about this thing I'll call country life.  EVERY day is quite an eye-opening experience!  I thought a "honey wagon" was just that...a wagon that delivered honey! (And if you don't know and you're brave, google it!)  Am I getting my point across?  I might be what some call a "tree hugger" ... I saved a WORM for pete's sake!  So you might be surprised when I tell you...I caught myself researching CHICKEN breeds on the internet!  Seriously, me...of all people...ME!  I've somehow been roped in and now I'm trying to decide between Easter Eggers and Black SilkiesHow did this happen?!

*Crazy Fact:  The Easter Eggers lay "colored eggs" and the Silkies have feathers on the their feet and look oh so cute!  No joke!


  1. You saved a worm!!! That is beyond awesome! :)
    We want to get some chickens too. You'll have to post if you get some and how your experience goes.

    1. Oh, I will share about the chickens! I ended up getting some just the other day...completely out of my norm!

  2. Well, even better, you've decided to get BOTH chicken breeds. lolol Damn hippy... ;)

    1. Don't count your chickens before they hatch...I don't have the bantams, yet! =)


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