Monday, April 7, 2014

Kids Were Here | April

Wowzers!  It's April!  Yay for April!!

Even though the weather doesn't feel the most "spring-like", the change in season has officially's SPRING, y'all!!  I'm beyond ready for flip-flops and shorts...not to mention warm, beautiful sunshine and the outdoors!!!!  Oh, how I miss being outside and enjoying do the little ones!

Almost every day I hear "Can we go on a nature walk?" or "Can we go to the state fair?"...which is typically followed by a gasp as a four-year old looks outside and shouts in despair "It's Christmas AGAIN!"  Snow = Christmas around here.  This is bringing a whole new outlook regarding the whole "Christmas in July" thing.


Thankfully, we did see a day where temperatures broke the 60 degree mark!  It was wonderful...although I thought I might just melt due to the extreme "heat"!  Pretty sure my blood is as thick as tar right now.

Anyway, it's time to share the memories left behind by our little rascals.  If you've followed along for the past few months, you may recognize the cabinet pictured below.  See the cute little cowboy boots sweetly tucked away in there?  Well, our two-year old wears those pretty much night and day...many times he has to wear them to bed, but whatever works, right?  I don't fight such things anymore.  The beauty of being the third child.

So for many, many days I searched high and low for those boots.  The said two-year old begged for his boots, but they were nowhere to be found.  How does one lose decent sized BOOTS...both pairs even?!  Well, leave it to the mischievous child to place his beloved keepsakes in his own little treasure chest...and then, forget!  Yeah, I so should've checked there first.

 And, I'm not certain if every child does this, but you won't find a juice box around here that doesn't have a half-chewed on straw.  Granted, most of the time the straw is no longer in the juice box, and juice is covering most of the living room floor, but that was difficult to capture in one single photo.
 Then, there's the issue of ice cream in this house.  Seriously, my kids (and possibly the Mr.) eat their weight in ice cream!  It's CRAZY, y'all!  So once a week I stock up on countless gallons of ice cream only to be given the evil eye by healthy mothers and cashiers at the grocery store!  People...I have no choice in the matter!  It gets insanely ugly around here if there isn't any ice cream...and trust don't want to see that!

So when I see yet another empty container of ice cream in the sink, I know it's nearing my time to hit the store!
 Finally, there's a new being that's come to live with us.  His name is "Mr. Tato Head".  And Mr. Tato Head is quite the hit with the little four-year old.  Granted, he sees no humor in rearranging him and placing one arm here and one arm there like his older sister does.  However, he does believe that Mr. Tato Head grows his mustache out the top of his nose, and his little brother thinks that ears are overrated!

Kids...gotta love 'em!

So continue on the Kids Were Here journey and visit Rachelle's blog by clicking here!  I'm sure you'll be glad you did!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Kids Were Here | March

Well, hello MARCH!!  Nice to see you!  Granted, I have no idea where February went, but I'm more than happy to welcome the arrival of March...seeing how the first day of SPRING should occur is just a couple weeks!  I don't know about y'all, but I'm ready for some green!  I shouldn't complain about the weather, but we're all in need of some outdoor activities!  I think we've officially conquered every kid-friendly winter activity known to man...yes, that means we've finally found the end of Pinterest!  Time for some dirt under the nails, mud on the boots, and the return of the beloved FLIP-FLOPS!!  

Alright, enough of my rant!  I know winter will will!  

So here's to another rendition of the Kids Were Here.  A time when a group of us share some of our visual keepsakes that remind us that children are present in our everyday lives.  The little things kids leave behind after a day of adventure and curiosity, in our's served with a side of chaos!  

Often the snack combos around here may seem a little Cheetos and strawberry marshmallows.
And the above cabinet has become a certain two-year old's secret hideaway, where we often find random toys and sippy cups full of spoiled milk!

One of our many activities this winter has revolved around building some sort of contraption...enter the world of Knex, Legos, Tinker Toys, and Lincoln Logs.  Sometimes construction goes well, and sometimes...ummm...not even close!  Knex pieces plus an accident prone child equals one giant "How in the world did that happen?" scenario! Yeah, that's a story for another day!  
Then, you have the millions gazillions of little tractors that grace our house, and let me tell you that stepping on a Lego in the middle of the night is nothing compared to the pain you'd endure after firmly placing your foot atop one of those tiny vehicles!
And I have NO idea why companies make the above easel with a chalkboard on one side and dry erase board on the other!  'Cause we all know that temptation is hard to resist...especially, for the random child who feels compelled to display his artwork on the chalkboard using a dry erase marker!  Obviously, the engineers of this easel do not have children. 
I'll leave you with an image that's ever to common around here.  Some crafty tween is a lover of bling...and she often finds the need to accessorize the various rooms in our house.  Bet you never noticed the resemblance of kitchen cabinet handles and ears.  Of course, these handles were screaming for some sort of bling!  It's all about the accessories!  
So continue on your Kids Were Here journey by visiting the wonderful Rachelle and her blog by clicking here!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Kids Were Here | February

As many of you probably know, I'm a lover of all types of projects and finisher of none!  Okay, that's not completely true...I despise cleaning projects!

For the last six months or so, I've been part of a wonderful group of very talented ladies who are taking part in Project photo for every day of an entire year.  Talk about commitment!  Although I've struggled to keep up with this project, I'm still sputtering along.  I did switch it up a bit at the beginning of the year...incorporating a lot more cellphone images than ever before. It's been my go-to camera...sad, I know! (Instagram is my new BFF!)

Anywho, this group of lovely ladies has put together a blog circle that showcases children in a different light.  We're sharing the little memories left behind by we know when kids were here.  These are the special treasures that will one day be missed when they're fully grown with children of their own...gasp...sigh...gasp! 

For me, these are the moments that I often overlook or take for granted.  The times that cause frustration and pain.  The times that bring tears.  The special moments of joy and laughter.   The little things that let me know our children were here.  The memories they were creating while loving life.  Through the years, I've learned to treasure the mess.  Those Legos, dirty windows, and scribbled on walls mean my children were alive and thriving as children should.  Enjoying every moment.  Embracing the little things that life has to offer. 

So follow along as we document life in a simple way...taking a step back in order to reflect and cherish the special moments knowing that our kids were here

Often I pass by windows and find some sort of toy or trinket that was secretly placed by chubby little fingers...

Or I suddenly notice a child-like rendition of the Eiffel Tower sitting on the Time Out bench...and, of course, who else but Doc Hudson would be flying high on top such a creation!
And when I grace the stairs in the middle of the night, I've been known to stumble and scream as I fear the creatures from Jurassic Park have broken free in order to seek revenge!

So continue on this journey as we showcase our little ones and their wonderful adventures by remembering when our kids were here.  Next stop...the wonderful and extremely talented Kelly!  Her images are always beautiful so you'll be glad that you went and said hello!  (Visit Kelly's blog here.)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

Ummm....Hello there, dear blog.  Where have you been?!  I almost forgot about you...almost.

Well, it's a new year and what better to do than regain control of this family's lil' blog.  However, I do have a bit of an excuse.  During the summer, my computer started complaining every time I turned it on...seriously!  Then, shortly after Thanksgiving it started sending out smoke signals...a white cloudy mess in the form of the letters "SOS" could be seen coming from motherboard.  The smell was anything but pleasant, but I tried to ignore its call for help.  When others started complaining about the odor coming from my little "office", I decided I should do something.  Long story short, the computer saw a "doctor"...aka: my brother...and is now functioning properly.  Thank goodness 'cause commenting on Facebook and sending emails through my phone is anything but ideal.  One word... AUTOCORRECT!!!  My nemesis.  

Thankfully, my camera was still working so I have a gazillion images to's like opening presents on Christmas! 

Rewind just a bit to a few weeks the day before the dreaded "Polar Vortex" hit.  In case you live somewhere warm (please keep it to yourself if you do!), I'd like to take a minute to share with you the truly beautiful day that preceded the days of all days.  See, this day was wonderful!  The temperature hovered around freezing, there was little wind, and the snowflakes that fe6l from the heavens above were light and airy and HUGE! Shortly after the snow started falling, the earth was white as white could be!  It was just gorgeous...and this is coming from someone who's not a fan of snow.  

Knowing that the following day was going to be anything but ideal, I encouraged the kids to frolic in the snow.  Two of them eagerly suited up...and if you've ever dressed a kid in snow attire, you know this is no small feat!  The older two were beside themselves as they ran to and fro..."Hey, mom!  It's HOT out here!"  So I wouldn't go so far as to say it was "hot", but man, it was quite pleasant.

And the snow...It was PERFECT packing snow!  Perfect!  If I didn't encourage snowman-building, what kind of mom would I be?!  So off they went...starting on one side of our property gathering snow.  Then, rolling...and rolling...and rolling...and rolling...what started out as a small snowball into one ginormous, extremely large, way-too-heavy-to-move snow boulder!  

Logan got to the point where he could no longer move his monstrous snow creation so he decided to chill...and if you know Logan you'll know that this did not last long!  

Once the snow boulder made its way to the front of the house, we (or mostly I) decided it'd be best if we built the rest of the snowman right in that very spot 'cause there was no way I could move the mountain that was made..and I'm guessing that renting a crane to move the snowman's base wouldn't be too cost effective for this coupon-clipin' mama.

Logan was able to finish his snowball in order to create Frosty's midsection.  Let me tell you, though, that I did not consider "how" the snowman's belly was going to be put into place.  Besides the fact that I almost needed hernia and back surgery immediately following the placement of Frosty's tummy, I am proud to admit that Merisa and I were able to finish building the life-sized snowman.  Word to the wise...lift with your legs!

The kids finished adding the details such as hats, scarves, and carrots.  Finding sticks to serve as arms was a little more tricky considering the 12" of snow on the ground!  But man, that was some great snow!  

And don't you think for one minute that I forgot about our smallest child.  Earlier as the older two kiddos were putting on their snow gear, I asked the youngest if he would like to go outside and play in the snow.  Thinking he would be thoroughly excited to break out of the house, I was completely shocked when he shouted without hesitation...


So instead of making snow angels, lil' Levi observed from the warm, cozy indoors, which looked a little like this...

 So why do kids find it necessary to smash their noses against glass windows and doors?!  Well, I guess, why not?!  

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Untold Wisdoms Of Being Four...

A certain little someone decided he was not going to partake in eating supper tonight.  Instead, he found the need to dance throughout the house and dazzle us with his charm...aka: A four-year old showing the world that he is independent and his own person.  He will NOT be controlled by anyone. 

Being the all-knowing mother that I am, I informed said child that he WOULD become hungry at some point later in the evening.  He was quick to say that he would most certainly not be!  His tummy was anything but empty.  Quite full, really.

As the evening progressed and long after supper was served, this little boy decided he might...just maybe...have a bit of a rumbly in his tumbly.  Not wanting to directly ask for food, he tip-toed around the subject by dancing in circles and just softly stating "umm.  um..  umm...". 

After the uttering echoed through the house for about 10 minutes, I finally informed (insert name of child that shall remain nameless) "I am not making supper again. You can eat the food you were served."

Without skipping a beat and thoroughly thrilled that he had a WONDERFUL solution to the problem, said child declared, "That's okay, mommy!  You don't have to make me anything!  I'LL JUST EAT JUNK FOOD!!!" 

It's quite simple, really. 
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