Monday, September 1, 2014

Kids Were Here | September

Somehow it's September!  Seriously, where did the summer go?  I can still feel the insanely frigid temps from January.  How can Fall be just around the corner?!!  Man, I blink and the year is almost gone!

Anyway, this summer has been busy as always...full of 4-H activities, a small vacation, home improvements, and endless searching for the dog who's become more skilled at disappearing than Houdini himself.  The fair went well, my kids all turned another year older, and school's back in session.

And now it's September!


Even though I have a THOUSAND stories that I would like to share (mostly so I don't forget), I'll save them for another time.  Trust me, there's some whoppers to tell...yeah, the fair happened.  Need I say more?  One day I will become a pro at the fair...I will, I say, I WILL!

I'll leave you instead with what my children leave behind after an afternoon at the park.

Why was there a random toy tractor and trailer sitting on the playground equipment?  I do not know.
How did those tiny toys make it from our toy room to the park without me knowing?  I do not know.
Where does our little boy conceal the tiny treasures that he acquires throughout the day?  I do know that...deep in his pockets!  Yep, he's the boy who fills his pockets with slimy, squished worms, gooey cookies, and random Legos.  You should see what I find in our laundry on a daily basis!  Too bad I can't seem to find his missing Kindle!

Apparently, my children believe shoes are overrated...although one child wasn't completely on board with that idea.  Yeah, he decided he only needed to discard of one shoe.  
He didn't want to conform completely.  He's an individualist!

To see more of what children leave behind, visit the wonderful Rachelle's blog.  

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