A Little Diddy About Me

I'm a mother of three...not counting the other two- and four-legged creatures roaming around these parts.  I'm proudly known as Momma, Mommy, Lucy-Lu, and the occasional Lianna!

Becoming a family of five was anything but easy.  After the birth of our daughter, we endured years of what some doctors called "bad luck" meaning no one could explain our multiple losses.  There were miscarriages, a baby lost at 12 weeks due to subchorionic hematoma, and a little girl who went to Heaven at 16 weeks gestation due to a septated cystic hygroma (possibly Turner's syndrome).

The odds were not in our favor (good thing I'm not a participant in the Hunger Games).  However, through God's loving hand, we've been blessed with three beautiful children.  

In our house, we now know to expect the unexpected!  If there's a small chance of something happening, it WILL happen to us!

Okay, so it's mostly directed in my direction...like when I spilled a gallon of paint on BRAND NEW carpet or got attacked by a wild ROOSTER!  Where would I be without life's unforeseen turns?  Oh, I know, on a cruise ship sailing around the world.  Guessing I probably shouldn't do that, though!

This blog is dedicated to the daily adventures found on Crazyville Farms.  Around every corner there is an untold story yearning to be shared.  Transitioning from "city" life to farm livin' has been quite the adjustment...more so for me than the others!  I must say that it's been anything but ordinary! 

We try to live life to the fullest by making special memories for us and the kids.  We strive to teach our children to follow in God's path with love and compassion towards everyone.  We are more than thankful for all that He has given us!  We are truly blessed! 

While following our journey, you'll no longer have to ask whether or not God has a sense of humor...I know He does!

So join me as we encounter new happenings here on the farm that somehow always end up as a comical disaster!  Don't say I didn't warn you, but...

Welcome to Crazyville Farms!

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