Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We Just Don't Mix...

I wanted to share with you why paint and I are like oil and water!  We do NOT mix...and I'm so not exaggerating this time! =)

Let me begin by telling you about my recent adventure.  While the boys were asleep the other morning, I thought I would tackle the toy room.  Ya know, finally finish painting the room so it will encourage the kids to keep their toys put away.  (Wishful thinking, I know!)  As I painted, the house seemed quiet and peaceful.  Anytime this occurs (which isn't very often), I get a little worried!  I have just cause, in case you were wondering.

See, I knew something would happen.  Logan woke and I heard him say "BAD doggie!"  That's not good.  As I walked into the dining room, I saw a glass chalk marker in Logan's hand.  Ya know, the kind you use to decorate car windows or big windows in your house like this...

I wasn't too worried until I saw the end of the marker chewed up by...yes...the dog!  Of course, he somehow got a hold of the RED marker...chewed it leaving RED paint all over my carpet!  The paint, in turn, got all over Logan's pjs since he picked up the marker to examine the dog's good deed!  I was upset at first, then laughed!  Let me tell you why...

(This is a LONG story so if you want to read about my paint diaster, please click on the "read more" button below!  I wouldn't want to bore anyone by having such a lengthy post...oh, too was quite the event!)

When we first moved into this house a year and a half ago, I knew it would need new carpet.  I mean, this carpet was very retro down to the blue and green funky carpet located in the "game room"!   I immediately replaced all of the carpet before we officially moved in...can you imagine letting a little baby crawl around on dirty, tacky carpet?!  The kid would probably get dizzy just from looking at it!

Anyway, I was VERY particular after the carpet was installed...

Made sure everyone took off their shoes,
Prohibited eating anywhere but at the table,
Scorned anyone who dared to drop even a piece of lint,
Swept it every day just like the installers recommended...

It was NEW after all!

Should have known...

Just a few DAYS after the installation, I decided to finish painting the living room.  Everyone was asleep, and I thought, oh, this would be the perfect time.  No one to interrupt.  No little fingers getting in the paint.  No questions like why can't I help.

While everyone was fast asleep, I grabbed a new gallon of paint.  It hadn't even been opened.  Oh, so proudly and with a slight skip in my step, I walked through the dining room while gently shaking the paint can in order to save a stir stick.  Not the wisest choice I've ever made!  Should've used the stir stick! 

Out of nowhere, I heard a THUD...then, a SPLASH...followed by WHERE IS THE PAINT CAN I WAS HOLDING? 

To my HORROR the paint can had exploded on the ground spilling the ENTIRE can of paint onto my new, oh so protected and cared for carpet!  When I say ENTIRE, I really mean it!  The lid somehow flew off as the can landed on the floor.  And guess which direction the can landed?  Yep, it was sitting completely upside down with paint oozing out in all directions! 

For a moment I thought this really isn't happening.  It must a dream!   Once I came to, I decided I had to swallow my pride and wake-up Matt.  Even though I wanted to hide this unfortunate event from my amazing husband, I couldn't clean this by myself!  As he woke, he looked completely bewildered by my story.  When he stood in front of my masterpiece, he just gulped and stared blankly.  I could see that he was quite amazed as to how his lovely wife could have managed this ALL BY HERSELF!  I'm just that kind of girl! =)

I'll spare you the details of cleaning up the mess...for I really don't want to relive it!  I will say that it took about 8 hours of me scooping, wiping, scrubbing, and crying before my 1st round of cleaning stopped!  

Now the only remnant of that horrific day is a slightly discolored area of my carpet.  Thank goodness I opted to install speckled frieze's hides SO much, which is great for our crazy house! 

Needless to say, I am VERY cautious about painting now!  Even though I was always quite a particular painter...never needed a drop cloth or anything...I've learned my lesson! 

Paint and I do NOT mix! 

Whenever I open a can, I cringe because I know some accident somewhere will occur...despite all attempts to avoid that kind of situation.  It's joke! 

So now my carpet dons a large discolored spot along with new pink patches!  It has its own story despite my efforts to save it from such accidents! =)

Oh, the warning label on the glass chalk states "stains cloth" case you were wondering! Maybe they should call it MOMMY INSANITY PAINT seeing how it doesn't really act like chalk!  Oh, it isn't dog friendly, either!  Sadly, the internet failed me for I couldn't find ANY recommendations as to how to clean up this mess!  Surely, someone out there has encountered this problem before me, right?! =)


  1. Oh, wow. Just looking around your blog a little and came by this entry through your About Me, I believe...quite a story!! I actually dropped a gallon of paint [out of the backseat of my car, not sure how I managed it!] onto my sister's friend's driveway when going to pick her up back in high school. Completely mortifying! But it all washed away...phew! :)

    1. Yeah, paint is not my friend! Glad that your experience with paint ended well! Maybe one day they'll invent some sort of container that is 100% spill-proof...or in my case "fool-proof"! That would be amazing! =)


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