Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tidbits From The Farm...

Don't be too sad. Nothing I'm about to say has anything to do with the farm...or at least not the farm animals! I know you're really disappointed 'cause I'm sure reading about our crazy chickens is the highlight of your day.  They're locked away for winter so I'm not in "contact" with them...well, it's more like you won't see me running and screaming from yet another scary, wild chicken!  For all those people who are raising chickens in the big cities like New York, I question WHY?  Yes, it's nice to gather your own eggs, but people, there's nowhere to run!  How will you ever be safe?

Anywho, here's some tidbits...
  • Matt and I were talking about Merisa going to a parochial school.  We had just discovered that someone we knew went to a parochial school as a child. I asked if this said person was still Catholic, and Matt said no. He's switched to another Christian denomination. Merisa looked up in complete surprise and questioned... "You can UNCATHOLIC yourself?"  We were so busy laughing that I don't think we ever answered her question! No wonder kids are so confused these days...especially when they have nonsupporting parents like us! =)
  • The other day Logan ran into the toy room and closed the door. I asked him what he was doing, and he answered "NO!" Yep, knew that wouldn't end well, but yet, I still didn't question him again. A minute or two later, and he came running out....stark NECKID! He yelled "POOP!" I didn't see anything, but he wanted me to follow him into the toy room. It started to hit me then. As I raced to beat the dogs to the treasure I was sure to find, I discovered that yes, Logan relieved himself on the floor! Later, I shared the story with Matt, and he said "Well, I better rephrase my point for I've been telling him to STOP pottying in his PANTS." Guess Logan thought going anywhere but in his diaper was what daddy wanted! Silly boy!
  • I'm in the process of painting and decorating the toy room! I thought I'd have LOTS of fun doing this...nope. Normally, I don't have any troubles picking out paint colors...until this room! Seriously, it's been every shade of yellow beginning with mustard and ending with...ummm...URINE! And this is not good seeing it started out as a lovely shade of baby POO! I think this room is way too close to the bathroom! It's pretty bad when the kids come in the room and say "That looks HORRIBLE" and "What color are you REALLY going to paint it?" Uh, I have NO idea! I need some sort of consultant. That lovely website Pinterest is giving me way too many options, which are all getting bamboozled in my head and coming out in pure chaos...or should we say as colors of digestion! Oh, well. Hopefully, one day it will look complete, and then, I can post some pictures for you. Don't keep your fingers crossed, though! 
  • Seriously, I didn't plan on having this many stories about bowel movements.  Last one, I promise!  Guess that's all that happens around here!  Anyway, as a parent, you might know that it's a NEVER-ENDING battle between you and the diaper!  And when you have two in diapers, it's nothing less than WW III.  Our boys like to tag-team the event, as well.  When one goes, he quietly signals to the other that it's time for him to do his deed now.  Honestly, as soon as I get one changed, I notice a funny "new" smell.  Yep, the other one needs my attention, too.  So the other day as I finished changing Logan, I got him dressed and sent him on his merry way.  Didn't think much about it until I heard him in a worried tone say "Mommeee?"  I was like why aren't you going anywhere?  Unfortunately, it took me a minute to figure out the problem.  Somehow I managed to put BOTH of his legs in the SAME pant leg!  He looked like a little mer-man (or if you're not PC, then mermaid)!  How did I do that and not notice?  Not sure, but I'm guessing he's lost all faith in me at the age of two.  For Merisa, it took a little longer, I think! 

  • Logan and Levi were playing together on the floor. It was so sweet. Logan was playing with some Legos, and Levi was just cooing and staring at his amazing brother. He just LOVES his brother. Then, wouldn't you know it, Levi rolls over onto Logan's extraordinary tower causing it to fall in complete horror to the ground! Logan gasped and cried "NO, BEBE BUBBA!" This is, then, followed with a small little hand smacking Levi's bottom. Guess he needed a spankin' for his unkind actions! Yep, we'll be working with him on this one!

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