Friday, June 29, 2012

Mothers Of Little Boys {Printable}

Lately, I've been trying to make this house more our home.  By that, I mean finish start decorating and...unpacking!  Yep, it's true.  There are still boxes roaming around this house that haven't seen the light of day since our move that occurred TWO YEARS AGO!  Sad, I know.  Expected from me...definitely!

So I've been on the lookout for picture frames.  I decided to make my own wall art since spending $25 - $50 on some decent pictures was not going to happen.   I tried local thrift shops and department stores, but nothing suited my fancy.  Then, out of nowhere, frames were spotted for the drug store nonetheless!  Seriously.  I picked up quite a few brand new frames ranging in price from $0.25 to $1.00!  I'm sure some of you are much more thrifty than I, but I'll get there one day.  I will!

The frames weren't all the perfect color or finish so I just added a simple coat of paint...and voila! Inexpensive frames that matched perfectly!  Who could ask for more? 

Before I found the frames, I made some pictures using my handy-dandy software.  Here's the first one..., and I must say this is SO true around here!  Sure do LOVE my little boys!  So full of life!

I wasn't able to print them at home since we're out of ink, and I'm still looking for a great deal before I can fix that problem.

Have I taken "saving money" a little too far?   Probably so.

However, I managed to print the 8x10 images for less than $1.00 each.  This seemed a little high since I typically get them for free, but I really wanted to get this particular project finished.

So all-in-all, I spent $2.00 for a piece of wall art.  Can't beat that!  Okay, so maybe you can.  Don't tell me though.  I'll just kick myself for spending too much.  Granted, the pictures aren't anything spectacular, but I had fun making them. Now if I could only focus long enough to finish painting the kids' rooms so that the decorating can begin.

Not holding out much hope, though.  We've been here two years and stuff is still in boxes...that's all I have to say about that!

If you'd like to have your own copy of this image, click here.  It will take you to a page on the blog where I plan to keep all of my printables...I'm hoping to make more!  With me, though, you never know!  I'm new to this whole "printable" thing so hopefully, it will print okay for everyone. 

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  1. Very cute saying, and very smart framing. Good for you.

  2. What a cute framed print! I'm a mommy to boys too, so this is perfect for me. Thanks for visiting my blog (MightyCrafty)!

  3. Thanks so much for linking up to Ta-Da Tuesday! You are being featured at Unrefined By Design! Hop on over and grab a button tomorrow at this weeks party! :) Also, notice our name has change from 413 Sparrow Lane to Unrefined By Design, I'd be delighted if you would continue following by subscribing to the new blog! Blessings~ Misty

  4. Love this! I have two little boys and it's true:) I had to laugh because I haven't replaced my color ink cartridge in awhile!! I so need to but it can be so expensive! I to am waiting on a good deal for that so let me know if you find one! :) Thanks for linking up with me today!!

    1. Will do! Thanks for hosting the linky party. It's a great way to "meet" new people and see some amazing work of all kinds! =)

  5. Super duper cute! I'm a FTM having a little boy in November so this is just extra special to me.

    1. Good luck to you with the new little one. Boys are so much fun even though they can be completely exhausting at times! Thanks for visiting! =)


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