Saturday, July 7, 2012

Finding The Silver Lining...

From the other room, I hear the infamous words "Bebe, did you poo-poo?"  That's my cue...a diaper needs changed.

As I home in on the bebe, I see the issue has been addressed by someone else, and I'm no longer needed.  I skip away pleased that I'm able to return to the never-ending chore of laundry.  Not that I'm ecstatic about the mountainous heap of clothing that accumulates on a daily basis, but when given the choice between tackling a squirmy, smelling, poopie baby or folding our laundry...I'll pick the latter.  Well, most of the time! 

Suddenly, familiar sounds stream in from the other room.

Ugh!  OHHHHH!  Yuck-ee, bebe bubba!  YUCK-EEE! 

This is followed by some shrilling and gasping.

The words repeat:  Ugh! OHHHHH! Yuck-ee, bebe bubba! YUCK-EEE! 

In response, the baby begins to laugh.  The laughter intensifies.  A nearby roaming child stops with concern, but is quickly amused by his father.  The giggling is contagious and fills the air.  Within moments, everyone is declaring the bebe is UCKK-EE, including the baby himself!  The screams are somewhere between those found while riding Expedition Everest at Disney World and watching America's Funniest Home Videos! 

As I listened, I almost became saddened that I missed out on this amusing event...almost!  Who knew changing a dirty diaper could be so fun!

I did, however, beam from ear to ear.  Their love for one another was quite evident...even through the smell of fresh poo.  He is a great father, and the kids adore him.  Sometimes parenting isn't always exciting and glorious, but my children's father seems to find the silver lining inside every box.  Or should I say diaper!   They are blessed.  I am blessed.

This is the family I never knew I wanted.  These are the children I never thought I'd have. 

These are the times to remember, and I hope I never forget.

God knew what He was doing when He joined these two hearts.

Sure do love these guys (and girl!)
Disclaimer:  The opening photo showcases the fog as it was rolling in the other night.  This fog was the result of high temperatures and humidity.  Ya know, like the Earth's own personal sauna kind of steam!

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