Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Special Birth Day...

As our daughter approaches her NINTH birthday, I took a moment to reflect on that special day.

First of all, I would also like to ask...Where has the time gone?  There was a point in my life when it seemed to take FOREVER to get through a week.  A time when I thought I wouldn't make it through my entire Physiology class without dozing off into a deep slumber.  Now look...my baby girl is turning NINE!  Gasp...sob...sob...whimper...gasp!  Anyway...

Almost nine years ago, a beautiful little girl made me a Mommy and my husband a Daddy.  It was a wonderful day filled with anticipation and anxiety.  I couldn't wait to meet the being that had taken over my body...quite literally! 

See, this little girl wasn't exactly "little" at birth!  She tipped the scales well over the 9 pound mark! When she was born, the doctor called it like he saw it "Look at the size of this baby!  She's big enough to walk!" No wonder it was almost unbearable to stand upright or put on my own shoes...let alone tie them!  And this, people, is why flip-flops were invented.

She was whisked away shortly after birth and the rest of the day was a big blur.  I've yet to decide if my grogginess was due to medication or lack of sleep.  Who knows?

I do know that she was calm and easy-going.  Nothing much phased her.  However, she did have one little request.  See that tiny pink hat she's donning in the pictures above?  She was quite attached to that hat.  Every time we took it off or it just plain fell off she would scream.  Guessing she needed to feel completely smashed in order to feel safe and secure...kind of like how she was prior to this day.

Needless to say, we were thrilled by her arrival!  From that moment on, she was Daddy's girl. We became parents for the first time, which was beyond scary!  It was difficult to believe that people entrusted us to take care of this tiny, helpless, sweet being!  What were they thinking?  I didn't know how to take of an infant nor did I anticipate how many dirty diapers a little human would make in the first week of life! 

Merisa, you are a true blessing!  A beautiful gift from God that is growing up way too quickly! 
We love you each and every day.  You'll always be our baby girl!

I'll leave you with a comment that our birthday girl made the other day...

We were discussing a rabbit and how she was a first time mom.  Gasp!  Those were words I didn't expect to here from my 8-year old!

Merisa said the rabbit didn't know how to take care of her babies.

I told her animals have instincts, and they know how to be a mom.

She continued on explaining things to me and finished her statement in all seriousness with...

"Remember when you had me...you were a first time mom.  YOU HAD NO IDEA WHAT YOU WERE DOING."

Touché, my dear!  TOUCHÉ!

*This girl is always one step ahead of me!

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