Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh, Little Boys...

Whenever something "monumental" happens around here, people say "That should so go on the blog!"  I always agree, but then I forget to jot it down so it never makes it out in the open.  And you sweet people have been sending me emails, texts, and Facebook messages asking for some "local" news.  I'll try to better about blogging, but then again, I have severe commitment issues!

So here's a few occurrences.  I so need to get organized!

1) Logan was carrying around his blankie, which he's done since he was a baby.  He very much resembles Linus, and we've even thought about changing his name to Linus.  It falls nicely into our "M" and "L" theme.  Okay, we've never really change his name 'cause that's way too much paperwork! 

Anyway, he stopped to look at his blankie and picked something off of it.  Having no idea what it was, I told him "Yucky!  Throw that away!"  He looked at me with his little ornery eyes and said "No!" As he did this, he quickly put that unknown something into his mouth and smiled.  He thought for a moment and sweetly declared "That's good, mommy!  That's good!" 


Oh, little boys!

2) We were walking side-by-side through the store.  Logan was being as good as could be and not running off in every direction, which is a feat in and of itself. We were having a nice little conversation when I saw one of those structural POLES in the middle of the isle. I swerved to go around the obstacle when all of a sudden I heard a loud THUD.

I looked back and saw a bewildered Logan sitting on the ground.  Shocked with disbelief that my little man could have actually ran in to a very LARGE, non-moving pole that was located directly in front of him, I asked him "Are you okay? Did you run into that POLE?"

As if someone had played some awful trick on him by covering his eyes with a blindfold and telling him to walk on, he placed his little hand on his forehead and replied...

"Me got a BIG ow-eeee!"

He paused for a moment assessing the situation and declared...

"I okay, mommy!"

Oh, little boys!

3)  Recently, Logan has discovered that when we're driving in the car VAN we pass various objects outside of the car.  For instance, he's noticed houses that we pass and the trees and the cars and the tractors and the...get my point? 

Not only does he notice them, he also points them out to me in case I didn't see it. 

"There's a tree.  A car.  A house.  A tree.  Grass.  Corn.  Grass."

Mind you, I have to repeat EVERYTHING he says or he just keeps declaring what he's spotted while steadily increasing his voice. 

So this is fine while driving through the country.  Granted, it's non-stop, but it's all doable.

Now picture entering the city.  Yep, there are A LOT of houses and trees and cars and grass...all within a few feet of each other.

It's everything I can do to keep up with his..."A car. Car. Car.  House. Grass. Grass. Tree. Tree. More trees. More cars!" 

It just plain wears me out!  Plus, I can't stop laughing at his sweet excitement of finding such wonderful things outside the van window.

Now picture this...

I took him to the LIBRARY for a book sale. 

He's NEVER been in a library...a place of quietness and no running.  Not a place for Logan!

Well, he was amazed to say the least.  With his eyes wide open and his voice as loud as the music at a Rascal Flatts concert, he SCREAMS while running wildly down the isles...

"WOW!  Books, Mommy!  More books, Mommy!  More books!  Books!  Books!  Books! Books!"

Yes, this boy LOVES his books!

Oh, little boys!

Disclaimer:  This post is mostly about Logan, but I had to include a sweet picture of Mr. Levi.  Isn't he adorable?! He's starting to duplicate Logan's actions back when he was one!  Oh, the fun that is in store for us!

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