Monday, November 3, 2014

Kids Were Here | November

Whoa!!  I blink, and it's November!!!  Less than 90 days until Christmas, y'all!  Time is seriously on some sort of speed train.  And I'm SO not ready for winter!!!!!!!!  With winter comes that dreaded white, fluffy stuff...a fan I am not!

Anyway, enough with the exclamation points.  Let's move on to something a little more calming...well, sort of!  Seeing how it...umm...SNOWED...on Halloween this year, discussion of this event may not be all that soothing!

I tried to avoid carving pumpkins this year, but then, I decided at the last minute that I would definitely not be in the running for Mother Of The Year if I did.  Granted, I fail to earn this award every year fresh out of the starting block, but what else is new.

This year ALL three kids wanted to get into the carving action.  I thought I might actually get out of the whole extremely messy scooping-out-the-pumpkin-innards thing, but I was quickly reminded about one scoop into the process that children under the age of 10 want NOTHING to do with all the goo!  In fact, there was a bit of drama and crying and wincing when a certain child thought he might have to scrape out all the nastiness by himself! order to calm said child, I freed the pumpkins of their yucky-ness while the other children gasped from my fearlessness.

Luckily, I was able to negotiate with the kids and convince them to go simple with their pumpkin carving designs.  Seriously, creating a fancy-nancy jack-o-lantern is not my forte.  I've tried this in the past, and the results were not good.'s the results of their pumpkin carving adventures.  I'll let you decide on the owner of each pumpkin.

We also inherited a few other pumpkins from a field trip to the pumpkin patch.  They were screaming to be painted!

To see more of what our kids have been up to, visit the lovely Erica and her blog (click here).

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