Monday, June 2, 2014

Kids Were Here | June

It's officially SUMMER!!!!!  Okay, not "officially" as in what the calendar says, but "officially" as in school's out and the temps are amazing!!!!!  With this past winter being anything but ideal, I welcome warm air and sunny skies with open arms...guessing most people do!

When the weather outside is wonderful and warm around here, off go the electronics and on go the creative minds!  Granted, I receive a bit of resistance as the younger members of this household aren't always excited about putting down their mind-absorbing electronics, but it's GREATLY needed!  Fresh air does wonders for the soul!

With outdoor adventures, comes a bit of mud and dirt.  Who am I kidding?!  A LOT of mud and dirt!  You know it's summer around here when you see these kids getting much needed two to three baths every single day!  Whenever it's warm, the garden hose is turned on!  When the hose is turned on, the dirt becomes their playground!  Their playground, in turn, becomes one giant pit of gooey, messy, dirty MUD!  My favorite thing...only not all!  But who cares as long as the kids are happy and having fun!

So hello amazing weather!  Please stick around for a long, long time for we have a countless supply of water guns, slip-n-slides, and water toys that yearn to be used by little ones.  I welcome games of cops and monsters, let's make a mud castle, and even the occasional let's torment mommy with the water gun!

80 degree temps...oh, how I've missed you!

Please continue on to Jenn's blog so you can see more of what our kids have been concocting on your  Kids Were Here tour!


  1. hurray for summer!!!!!! I am so with you - I wish the hose could stay on for days and days.

  2. Ditto Kelly & you, Lianna! So ready for summer. Although, I don't like to go outside on these hot days lol.


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