Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What Happens In Crazyville...

Stays in Crazyville!

Or so you may have thought since it's been over a week since I've posted anything!  Instead of blogging, I've been painting (which isn't always the best idea), couponing like a mad woman (which isn't anything new), and sporting my little mini-van packed full of kids all over the state (which may be more dangerous than driving through a mine field). 

Anyway, I thought I'd share numerous some one recent happening since the boys are actually sleeping at the same time...nope, I lied!  The phone just rang and now they are both wide awake!

In case you didn't know, the weather around our neck-of-the-woods has been anything but ordinary for January.  Instead of our kids playing in 3-foot mounds of snow, guess what they were doing (okay, mostly just Logan)? 

Climbing through a MUDDY MOAT!

See, we have this 350-foot trench (sadly, I'm not exaggerating this time) going through our yard thanks to some much needed construction that happened back in...ummm...October.  Instead of leveling off the mound of dirt 3 months ago, we decided it would be best to just let it settle over the winter.  No one will go near it in the snow, right? 


Logan decided he wanted to play in his "house"...aka. swing set.  This, of course, is within 2-feet of the said trench (yes, it was a mound, but it turned into a wonderfully large. muddy. trench.).  He scampers off to his "house", and I thought nothing about it.  As I noticed my own feet getting stuck to the ground, I heard "Mooommmmeee! Yuuuuccccckkkkkyyyy!" 

I looked over at my little guy only to find him flat on his bottom, feet missing from view, hands twice their normal size, and not moving! 

What happened?

When he walked to his fun little "house" as he done countless times before, he was surprised by a new moat surrounding his childhood retreat.  His little boots sank into the mud to the point he couldn't lift his legs.  He fell over due to lack of balance and caught himself with his hands.  As he broke his hands free, gravity took over and sent him flailing backwards into the gooey, slimey, icky sludge.  His hands were caked in mud leaving them useless.  He couldn't stand up not only because the thought of touching that yuckiness was out of the question, but also because the added weight was like having cinder blocks tied to his feet. 

So I trampled through the mess in my...yep...sweater boots!  Word to the wise, do NOT play outside in your sweater boots in may not end well!  I rescued my little toddler from the wrath of the mud, carried his now doubled in weight body to the house, and...of course I HAD to... made him stand still for a minute so I could run inside and grab my camera in order to take a picture of the moment.

At least I carried him back to the house before I decided to take a picture.  Don't I get extra points for that?!  The thought never crossed my mind to make him wait in the muddy trench so I could share the entire moment with you...seeing how I knew he couldn't gather enough strength to go anywhere while I ran back to the house to get the, never!

Well, my pictures were not the best since this little one takes after his mama as does not like having his picture taken...especially in moments like this!  Not only did he run away from me since he somehow managed to remove his boots while I went to find the camera, but he also shouted in disgust each time I tried to snap a pic. 

So I'll share with you the few shots I was able to capture.  By this point, the mud was off of his hands and knees, and I had already removed about 5 lbs. of mud from his boots.  The poor kid had large sticks attached to each boot thanks to the mud.  If he had tried to move, he would've gotten poked in the leg or even eye by one of those friendly sticks!  Don't worry.  I'm restoring the boots as we speak!  They should clean up nicely!  Oh, Logan did, too!

Please ignore the power cord in the following pictures.  It's going to the infamous pond.  Ya know, the one where I try to keep the fish alive.  The reason for the cord is a story for another time! 
You might also notice that Logan's donning his second pair of boots in these pictures (which are now covered in mud, too).  And didn't you know that it's the best time to rake leaves in...January?!

Please note that if you ever rely on winter to freeze your ground so that you don't have to deal with a problem until might encounter a warm spring-like winter that will foil all of your plans.  Who would've thought the kids would be climbing mud hills in January instead of snow mounds?  Not that I'm complaining! 

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