Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lost And Found...

*I'll let you decide which child is "swimming'!
I couldn't find a picture of the "new swim trunks" since they were... NEW!

LOST - A NEW pair of Logan's swim trucks.  They managed to hitch a ride to town on the back of Matt's truck only to be hurled into the wind never to be seen again. 

FOUND -  Five new baby chicks ... Easter Eggers, at that!  Yep,  I pulled on my big-girl country-girl pants and bought five new chicks all by myself!  Pretty certain the earth rumbled during that moment.  Sorry for the tremors!

LOST - Some important hardware to our 'lawn mower'.  Just doing routine maintenance in order to keep everything working, but somehow lost a much-needed bolt while gallivanting around the countryside. 

FOUND - A Bolt to replace the missing one on the lawn mower.  Yes, it was found at a local hardware store and not in our yard.

LOST - An important piece to our pond pump.  While trying to repair the much needed pump, the connector piece came up missing.  Certain I had lost my mind, I gave up searching.  Logan kept saying it was in daddy's we disassembled and resembled the truck looking for the missing piece.  No luck! 

FOUND - The missing piece to said pond pump.  After much deliberation and rummaging through every trash can, I decided the connector piece was forever gone....although it crossed my mind that maybe it never really existed!  As I opened my car door so I could head off to town in order to replace the pond pump, I found the said missing piece.  Yep, it was sitting on the driver's seat.  Guess Logan meant it was in MY car not daddy's!

LOST - MY SANITY!  At this point, it may never return!

FOUND - Three really cute Easter eggs made out of embroidery floss and glue.  Such a great project even though there was a bit of a panic when the glue mixture somehow managed to cover the clothing of a certain 8-yr. old!

LOST - One really adorable yellow Easter egg.  An egg made of embroidery floss was no match for a busy, spunky toddler!

FOUND - A minute to write this post in order to share our latest adventures with you!  Three Kids + Warm Weather = One Crazy, Running-In-Every-Direction Mama!

*Disclaimer:  If you find a pair of swim trunks along the side of the road, don't be alarmed.  Drying clothes on a truck's tailgate is the new way of going "green!"


  1. do you have any pics of merrisa's finished easter egg? (heidi)

    1. Yep! I meant to post pictures, but things don't always go the way I plan! I'll post pics of the eggs soon.


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