Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eggs, Eggs And More Eggs...

It's like we've become some sort of "Egg-land" around here.  Seriously, there are EGGS of every sort and color scattered throughout our homestead.  It's crazy, y'all!

Exhibit A:  During Spring Break, Merisa made eggs out of embroidery floss and glue.

The finished project looked a little like this (minus one yellow egg):

I intended for it to be a fun FAMILY ACTIVITY, but Logan wouldn't have anything to do with it. Guess the glue-goo was more than he could handle. Funny, since he's the kid who requires FIVE baths a day!

Once the eggs were dried, a certain little someone decided one of the eggs would look much better like this:

Exhibit B:  We colored Easter eggs, which is always quite the experience around here.  As always, Merisa had a blast.

As for Logan, he didn't want anything to do with the "mess" at first, but he later changed his mind. 

Me: Logan, see how your sister is nicely dipping her eggs in the dye using the DIPPER?  Why don't you try coloring some eggs.

Logan translates this to: My mom has no clue how to dye eggs the MAN way!  I think the wooden spoon would be a much better choice. 

Me:  Umm...let's try something different.

Logan decides:  Oh, wait! The TONGS.  I MUST try using the tongs!...BEST. IDEA. EVER!

Me: Be careful!  You might drop your egg if you use those tongs. They're not meant for EGGS.

Logan again translates this to: Guess my mom wants me to be inventive and save the eggs.  I'll just dunk my entire HAND into the green dye!  That should work!

One day I WILL be one step ahead of my kids....right?!

Exhibit C: Merisa decorated the ENTIRE house will Easter egg cards that she made. There is at least one egg for every person under the sun.  No joke!  Each egg has a nice little note...or...silly joke.  Does this remind you of anyone?!
I typically don't do a lot of photo editing, but the writing wouldn't show up any other way!

Exhibit D:  Remember those eggs the kids dyed? 

Well, Logan is obsessed with them!  He carries them around ALL. DAY. LONG!  Seriously!  He runs to the frig, looks anxiously for the egg carton, carefully removes them from the frig, cautiously walks them to the nearest destination, and gently removes each egg so he can line them up in one single row. 

Then, he places the precious eggs back into the carton and returns them to the frig.  Moments later, this said process is repeated over and over again!  Guess he'll be getting a carton of eggs for his birthday.  I'm certain he'd be more than ecstatic about this.

Exhibit E:  We...okay *I*...decided to invest in Easter Egger chickens.  Let me tell you that chickens grow extremely FAST!  I'm so glad my kiddos aren't chickens. (Yep, I'm just going to leave that sentence like that.  Odd, I know!) 

So the other day, I look down and notice the chickens' legs are BLUE!  What?!  I panicked a bit!  I mean, last time I checked blue extremities meant bad circulation!  Ya know, like their legs were about to fall off! 

I'm thinking Man, I've somehow managed to kill the chickens' LEGS!  How did I possibly do that? Maybe it's the fact that I know absolutely NOTHING about farm animals

So I did some checking...aka: texted my friend with all the chicken knowledge.  Keeping my anxiety on the down-low, I casually asked what her chickens' legs looked like. 


GREEN legs are NORMAL! 

Yes, I said green.  Yesterday, the chickens had blue, but today, they are definitely green. It doesn't look too odd on the dark colored chicken, but on the cream colored ones...not so good!  It looks like they were helping Logan dye his eggs...or possibly...they need a leg amputation! 

Anyway, all is well!  The chickens are okay!  Gasp.


  1. Logan's the best. Seriously. LOLOL You should have dyed your chicks for Easter as well! ;)

    1. Shh...don't give my kids any more ammo! I'm hoping they haven't thought of coloring chicks yet. Can you picture it......dozens of GREEN chicks running around our yard next year! Yikes!

  2. Well, I have a friend I visited in NC that reportedly paints her chicken's nails with fingernail polish... on a regular basis. You know, you wouldn't want them to start getting worn off! I still need to see pictures for proof, but my sources are reputable, which kind of concerns me even more. And I'll have to send you a story of some missionary kids in W. Africa that turned their chickens into a bell-choir of sorts, but with clucks instead.

    But really I just wanted to say that I loved the idea of the thread-eggs that you guys made... even if one was given over to the good cause of childhood creativity. I may have to steal that one of these times... :)

  3. Oh, and P.S. I'm glad your kiddos aren't chicks too. Even if you do have a painting in your house showing otherwise... :)

    1. Painted nails on chickens! I'm not even sure what to say about that! And a "bell-choir" out of! I thought we had odd things happening around here, but now I'm not so sure!

      Yes, there is a painting in our house showing family members as chickens...I completely forgot about that even though I pass by it regularly. However, I didn't know you knew about the said painting! Too funny!

  4. That chick is so adorable. I would be obsessed if I had some cuties like that!

    1. Somehow I have become a bit "obsessed" with the new chicks! I'm not sure how that happened, but it did! And now, I have some bantams that are extremely adorable...for a chicken! =)


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