Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things I Love {Spring Edition}

Here are a few things that I've recently discovered via that wonderful addicting tool known as the internet!  I thought I'd share some of my finds with you.

1.  Easter Egg Garland via Crafty Endeavor...I LOVE these eggs!  Two reasons:  One, I already have the supplies needed to make these so in essence it's a FREE project!  Two, it's a perfect way to entertain the kiddos.  Anything that keeps them busy for 5 minutes or more...sign me up!  Free Craft + Fun Entertainment = One HAPPY Mama! 

2.  Flower Garden via Brabourne Farm...Just gorgeous!  I heart flowers and so wish my backyard looked like theirs.  It's my goal even if it takes me a lifetime to achieve, and at the rate I'm going, it'll probably take longer than that!

3.  Easter Basket Scavenger Printables via Embellish Goods...Aren't these such a great idea?  A little way to spice up an Easter Egg hunt.  My kids will LOVE this.  I'm sure I'll be playing it every day for the next year (I seem to remember finding eggs well into the fall with a certain someone!  Wink, wink!)  Scavenger hunts are such fun, and these printables are FREE.  Can't beat that, right?

4.  Chick Eggs via Squidoo...Okay, what do I say with these?  I LOVE THESE EGGS!  What a cute variation on the standard deviled egg!  I can barely handle it.  I know I'll be making these in the upcoming week.  Maybe I'll even share pictures with you.  See, this isn't cooking so I'll be okay!  Well, you have to hard boil the egg, but that's something I can actually do...most of the time!

5.  Joy In A Box via A Holy Experience...I've seen this for quite some time and have been meaning to share.  It's such a beautiful gift for either yourself or someone else.  It's a way to be thankful for what you appreciate life.  Truly amazing!

6101 Handmade Easter Crafts via Everything Etsy... There are some adorable and fun crafts on this list.  In fact, the entire blog has some great tutorials and crafting ideas.  Have I mentioned how I heart crafts...especially the kid-orientated kind?  I'm sensing a date with some glue and scissors!

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