Monday, March 26, 2012

Tidbits From The Farm: Part Deux

1.  We were asking Logan what sounds various animals make...'cause that's what you do with 2-year olds.  It's in the toddler handbook after all!  When asked what does a cow say, he replied "Boo"...aka "Moo!"  What sound does a duck make?  Logan said "Quack, quack."  What does a dog do?  To which he replied "Ruff, ruff."  Then, Matt asked him "What does a rabbit say?"  Without skipping a beat, he said "GO AWAY!"  Yep, he's probably right!  Heck, most of the critters are surely thinking "Help me!  Help me!  This wild, spunky little boy is going to ruin my innards!  Get him away from me! I'm going to parish right in front of your eyes!" 

2.  The bebe is quite a little mover nowadays.  I mean, lightning fast crawling!  When he's on the loose, he has one thing on his mind.  So you'll often hear someone ask "Where's the bebe?"  Followed by "Levi, STOP EATING THE DOG FOOD!"  Man, I thought we just got through this phase with Logan, and now here we are again.  And what is the fetish with dog food?  I mean, it smells more like doggy poo than food.  I can't imagine what it tastes like!

3.  Logan has a new favorite phrase.  Instead of shaking his head uncontrollably when asked if he wants more to eat, he says "I do."  Any time he wants to answer "yes", he says "I do."  So our days go like this:  "Logan, do you want to go outside?"  "I do."  "Logan, are you ready for lunch?"  "I do."  "Logan, do you want to play tractors?" "I do."  "Logan, do you want to go bye-bye?" "I do."  I think this boy is practicing for his marriage vows!

4.  Since moving to the country (and having two little ones to keep me busy), I've become quite laxed.  I tend to take my time when it comes to getting dressed in the morning.  Okay, it's more like afternoon before I'm "presentable"!  So when I saw my husband coming up the drive in the middle of the day, I ran out in my pjs to meet him.  Bad part...a friend was IN THE VEHICLE with him!  In horror, I shrieked with a loud "EEEKKKKK" and ran towards the house.  The said visitor laughed in surprise and probably thought "That's a sight for sore eyes!"  Oh, this isn't the first time I've been less than presentable outside of my home.  I NEVER thought I'd be that woman!

5.  Have I mentioned how I am a picture hoarder?!  That's right, in case you didn't notice, I take pictures of EVERYTHING!  And if I don't take them, I get copies from everyone else that does.  So I noticed Logan outside being oh so cute.  I thought "I better run and grab the camera while I have the chance."  I was SO excited to find Logan ultra cooperative and even posing for his mama!  I took a bunch of pictures and couldn't wait to upload them to see what I got.  As I looked down at the camera preview screen, it displayed "NO CARD IN CAMERA!"  Really?!  Why couldn't said camera tell me BEFORE I started shooting "Hey, stupid woman trying to capture your kids in the forgot the MEMORY CARD!"  Come on, with me here!

*Disclaimer:  I don't willing allow the bebe to snack on dog food.  It's generally put away so that it's not in the bebe's reach.  But the doggies need to eat sometime...and the bebe knows it!

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