Saturday, September 10, 2011

Green Acres is the place for me...

Ha, Ha!  If you know me at all, you're probably laughing so hard that you fell out of your chair!  I'm not exactly the farm type, and yet, here I on the farm! 

So every day is a new experience for me.  Things I never experienced before in my life nor did I ever think I ever would.  I'm sure my husband never thought people like me really existed, but here I am! We are the real-life version of "Green Acres". (And if you don't know that show, then I'm even older than I thought I was!)

So this morning, I find my daughter on the porch like this...

Yep, she's holding her new favorite chicken...Sweetie.  She named it today (I guess "it" is really a "her").  It's hard to notice in the picture, but she is also wearing overalls!  She LOVES overalls...and chickens!  I never thought I'd have a farm-loving, overall-wearing daughter.  Where's that girly-girly I always thought I'd have?  ;)

And Logan isn't helping the cause either.  Not only does he love the chickens, he LOVES tractors!  The word "loves" is an understatement, too.  He is so obsessed with tractors.  His tractors are always lined-up across our living room floor.  And DO NOT touch them!  He'll have a total breakdown if you do! 

So the other day, Matt took him for a ride on a REAL tractor...not a lawnmower...which in my book is a "real tractor!"  Let's just say the boy was in awe.  I'm surprised he got off the tractor so easily and without any meltdowns.  I think Matt's opened a can of worms, though...that's all Logan wants to do anymore...ride on daddy's tractor! kids love the farm life.  Who would've thought my kids would be farm kids?! ;)  Oh, did I mention that the chickens scare me to death....that's another story (cause I'm pretty sure they HATE me!).

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