Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Literal Merisa"...

I must say that Merisa is our "literal" child.  Everything she says or does is to the point and literal.  The girl out-smarts us all of the time!  As parents, we tend to think we're smarter (or at least we know better) than our children.  Well, this little girl trumps us all!  No joke! 

Here are a few of our conversations that resulted in us smirking and saying once again "she knows more than us!"

1) We were talking about Logan being easier to watch (at least when we're busy with yard work, etc.) next summer because he wouldn't need as much supervision.  We wouldn't have to worry as much about him getting hurt, running in to the road, etc.  The key word here is "supervision".  She pipes up and yells "That's not FAIR!"  We said "What's not fair?"  She continues by saying "It's not fair that Logan will have SUPER VISION, and I won't!"  It took us a minute, but then we were rolling in laughter!  She didn't see the humor, but she was quite upset that Logan would have a super-power and she wouldn't! 

2) The night before school started we told Merisa she needed to go to bed early so she didn't get a tardy or miss school the next day.  Last year, she went the whole year without getting sick or missing school (except for a small hiccup at the end of the year...another story).  So her goal was to have perfect attendance again this year!  Great goal, but definitely not something I ever achieved!  Heck, I don't think I went a grading period without missing a day...anyway...back to Merisa. :)  We were talking about her getting perfect attendance, and she said she knew how she'd get a perfect record.  We, not thinking about the obvious, asked her how.  She, then, stated that she'd never go to school this year, and she'd have a "perfect record"!  It'd be perfect attendance for never making it to school!  Of course, she's right...just too smart for her own good!

3) One day, Merisa was being bossy to Logan.  She ordered him to stop kicking her.  Now you must know that at the time he was only 8 or 9 months old!  I told her that   he doesn't understand what he's doing so don't get mad at him.  She piped up and said that he's smart and should know better.  I agreed and said he's smart, but then asked her why she thought he was so smart.  (should have seen this one coming...)  She said all babies are smart.  People are the smartest they'll ever be when they're babies, and they just get "stupider" as they get older. I asked her why she thought that.  She continued by saying "Well, just look at all of the stupid things teenagers do!"  Yep, she's right...we do get "stupider" as we get older!  She's A LOT smarter than me!!!

I could go on forever about her reasonings and comments, but I'll save them for later!  Bill Cosby really needs to talk to her!!

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