Friday, September 16, 2011

And they call him the streak...

Logan, that is!  I don't know about all two year olds, but mine seem to prefer being in the buff!  Every time I turn around Logan is saying "uck-ee" meaning he thinks his clothes are dirty.  Yes, he's right most of the time, but he's just using it as an excuse to strip.  And let me tell you that a little boy running around the house neckid is not a good idea!  Let's just say that it's not uncommon to hear Merisa yell "MOM-MEEE!  Logan's peeing on me!" Followed by "Stop laughing.  It's not funny!"  (My bad!)

Oh, I'll have to explain later about his nose and the run-in he had with a glass bottle!

And Mr. Levi...he's TWO months as of yesterday!  Now I just had a talk with him about taking his time to grow up, but he's not listening.  This little guy is already cooing and smiling when you talk to him.  Sooooooo cute, I must say!  I just can't believe he's getting so big.  Merisa is still convinced that he's going to be the better brother.  In her mind, there's no way he can act like Logan.  Just a year, I'm sure some of you will be getting a phone call from Merisa...she'll want to move in with you! 

And here's a recent pic of Levi.  I just laugh every time I look at it...his tongue is always sticking out.  Some might say that all of my children had this "problem"...

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