Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gum, Bugs, and Flowers...

I've decided that kids are meant to keep us adults in-line...keep us from taking everyday life for granted.  To bring a smile to our just the right time. 

1.  While making the insane drive back to our home after our wonderful vacation to South Carolina, we made a pit-stop at a nearby gas station.  Logan insisted on buying a bag of candy.  To his delight, there were a few pieces of bubble gum inside of his candy variety pack.  Once back in the van, he happily chewed on his gum while we continued on our home-bound journey.  See...he's new to the whole gum world.  I'm not an advocate of gum, especially since youngins tend to swallow it instead of chew it.  Plus, you just never know where you'll find it once the child is over the excitement of gum chewing. And let's face it, that typically happens within two minutes of opening the wrapper. (Oh, the stories I've yet to share on the world wide web!)

As we drove down the never-ending highway, I decided it was time to ask Logan if he was ready to dispose of his mouth-watering gum.  He agreed...the time was now.  So he politely handed me his gum...okay, more like he spit it into my hand...gooeyness and all.  As I reached for a piece of scrap paper to house the ABC gum, Logan sweetly declared from the bottom of his heart... 

"Mommy, you wanna chew my gum for me?"
It's the thought that counts, right?!

2.  As I was picking up around the house the other day, an annoying little fly kept buzzing around my ear.  Following my movements with every turn!  Zooming here and flying there!  One of the side-effects of summer...a never-ending supply of FLIES!  Don't get me wrong. Summer and I are best friends.  As for the bugs...not so much. 
So when this wonderfully bothersome pest wouldn't get the heck out of dodge, I offered up a suggestion...  "Shoo, fly!  Shoo!"  To which Logan made an obvious observation...
"Mommy, he's just a bug!  He doesn't know what you sayin'!"
Touché, Son.  Touché!

3.  Earlier this summer when the dandelions were in FULL bloom, I became distraught about our luscious field of the yellow flowers (which some might refer to as weeds).  However, the kids and I decided to embrace the outdoors and frolic through our beautiful sea of yellow.  Logan, especially, thought the dandelions were the most spectacular flowers ever!  Picking one every chance he got.  The gorgeous bouquet would, then, be handed to me by this wide-eyed, sweet-hearted little boy.  Who could resist such a pure and loving gesture?  Flashbacks to this moment were flowing through my mind.

Well, the day came when those yellow weeds had to go!  Time to bring out reinforcements...aka: a garden shovel and gloves.  As I took out my revenge on those landscaping destroyers, I heard a tiny, yet familiar noise.  Standing near a rather large pile of dandelions was a broken-hearted little boy.  Head in palms, slumped over in sadness, shaking his sweet little face.  Through the sobbing I heard a cry. 

"Mommy, my fowers are dead!  My fowers are dead!"
It broke my the point where I almost replanted those "fowers"...ALMOST!

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