Friday, May 24, 2013

How 'Bout A Little Crow...

One of the amazing and wonderful aspects of children is their honesty.  They're so innocent and true.  They speak from the heart.  Feelings pour out like water.  They never hold back nor do they ever take one moment for granted.

Let me backtrack for just second (or two).  Our wee little man is quickly approaching his 2nd birthday...oh my!  As this day draws closer, I am reminded of when he was born.
Photo courtesy of my father-in-law. Cameras and I were not acquainted at this point!
The above photo might be the sweetest image EVER!  At least for this mama!  It's one of my absolute favorites!!  It also might be the only time when all three of the kiddos actually sat together without much movement and chaos!  A treasured moment for sure! 
Well, let me point out to you that little Logan was merely 23 months when Levi was born.  Close to the age that Levi is now!  This is crazy to me, y'all!  Logan seemed so big when Levi made his presence, yet Levi (almost the same age as Logan in the above photo) still seems like a little me, anyway!  And look at Merisa!  She'll be entering the double-digits soon!  Oh. My! 
Okay, my intent was not for a flashback or reflecting on sweet little babies that are growing up too quickly.  That's for another post! 
So point in hand...back to the present.
Whenever, Logan gets upset at the bebe for knocking over his extravagant tower that he spent forever building, I tell Logan "Don't get mad.  Levi didn't know any better. He's just a baby!" 
When Levi rips a page out of one of Logan's favorite books, I explain to Logan "Don't get mad.  He didn't know any better.  He's just a BABY!"
The countless times when Levi steals Logan's tractors or destroys his newly built train track, I remind Logan "Don't get mad.  He didn't know any better. He's just a BABY!"
So yesterday as I was putting Merisa's hair up in curlers as we often do, Levi came over to observe.  He began helping me by dipping the comb I was using into a cup of water.  Well, if it kept him entertained, then so be it.  Levi was having a blast to say the least!  Who knew cup of water and a comb could be so entertaining?! 
Then, the light bulb went on inside Levi's head.  What do the big people do with cups?  They drink out of them, of course!  So the little man tipped the cup to his face.  Not realizing the sudden gush of water that was about to enter his mouth, he became startled and dropped the cup of water!  The water poured in every direction landing all over the table, the chair in which he was sitting, and finally, coming to a stop on the floor.
I, fumbling as I debated about letting go of a curl that I had been wrapping or saving the day by quickly jumping to my feet and soaking up the water with a nearby blanket , declared "Oh, LEVI!  What did you do?!"
As I stumbled to clean up the mess, I heard the familiar words echo from the other children.
Merisa declared, "But mama, he's just a BABY!"
And Logan explained, "Mommy, don't get mad at Levi!  He's just a BABY!  He didn't know!"
 How's that for a little crow?! 

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