Monday, July 29, 2013

13 Years Ago...

This crazy journey all began 13 years ago with a simple I do

Two little words that changed my life forever.
  It was one of those anything but ordinary days. 
Keys locked in cars. 
Traffic tickets.
Odd songs being played by DJs.
Flights nearly missed.
The list goes on.
But we made it, and...
If anyone would've told me that this is where we'd be in 13 years, I never would've believed them...
Living on a farm as a family of five.
There's been ups, and there's been downs.
We've seen each other through thick and thin.
The blessings are too numerous to count.
By the grace of God, three little special beings joined us on this amazing journey!
I could not imagine my life any other way!  
Here's to the next 13 20 50 100 years! 
I'll leave you with the one single image...
The one single image that always flashes through my mind whenever I think about our wedding day.
I can't recall the occasion, but shortly after our wedding I received a gift from one of my "new" relatives.  Excited to open the shiny present, I eagerly tossed aside the wrapping paper and revealed a lovely picture frame.  At that point, I became a bit nervous by the chuckling and snickering made by the bearer of this wonderful gift.  As I turned over the frame, I saw the world's most unflattering wedding photo...EVER!  It was snapped by a relative who shall remain nameless for the time being.
Lovely, huh?!
This photo has been in hiding...until now. 
There. Are. No. Words.
Not sure what that cake did to me, but if looks could kill, that would be one flattened cake!
So my advice to all future brides, ALWAYS smile on your wedding day....throughout the entire day...for you never know when images like this might emerge.
Or just elope to a far off cave with no lighting whatsoever to avoid scenarios like the one above.
And this, y'all, is why I avoid being in front of a camera! 
Happy Anniversary, Honey!

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