Thursday, May 3, 2012

He Stole My Heart...

There's this boy who stole my heart.  He calls me mom.

The day was like any other day...full of non-stop motion.  I scrambled to get everyone ready in the morning.  Made them breakfast.  Brushed their hair.  Found some clothes for them to wear.  Combed through the house picking up a tractor here and a doll there.  Washed and dried mounds of clothing.  Put the laundry away.   Swept the floors.  Washed the dishes.  Colored a picture with a child.  Watched another perform her newest dance moves.  Cuddled for a moment with a sleepy baby.

Then, the bell rang...time for round two. 


The routine started again. I fed the hungry children.  We laughed.  We played.  Siblings ran off to play a game of hide-and-go-seek.  Toys were put away.  More dishes were washed.  More laundry was cleaned. 

Then, the door bell rang.

I opened the door to see a sweet little boy standing there.

A smile stretched across his face. 

I returned the smile, but questioned his intentions.

Without hesitation, he gracefully swung around his little hand so it was no longer behind his back.

There, in his palm, was a beautiful flower.

In the sweetest, most sincere voice ever heard, he muttered...

"Mommy, I picked tis fower for you."

My heart melted. 

The tears filled my eyes.

I wasn't upset that he picked one of our only two irises. 

Oh, no.  His gesture was so pure and loving. 

The hustle and bustle of everyday life was now a blur.  This moment was special.  The reason I love being a mom!

My children are a true gift from God!
There's this boy who stole my heart. He calls me mom.

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  1. Smiling - That's a pretty sweet little boy!

    1. Thank you! I never know what to expect from little boys! They always amaze me!

  2. great great great post and writing! and perspective! I loved this. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh, thanks! I never know if I get the point across in my writing. Guess that's why I like picture...they help to tell the story.

      Aren't kids just the cutest things ever?!

  3. Isn't amazing the way those kiddos touch our lives everyday?! What a sweet little guy you have!!

  4. So sweet! Boys definitely know the way to tug at our heart strings, don't they? Joining you from the MOB link up.

  5. Aww this is SOOOOOOO beautiful! I love your photography! wonderful post!


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