Monday, July 9, 2012

Honesty Is The Best Policy...

Merisa and I were hovered around the computer viewing some recent pictures.  Images of beloved children, fluffy bunnies, and roaming chickens filled the screen.  Yep, that's right!  Chickens.

As we were gazing like star-struck fans, I pointed out the beautiful images she had captured for an upcoming project.  I was quite proud of her take on things. A whole new perspective of life on the farm. 

I thought she was relishing on my every word...impressed by my vast amount of knowledge.  Who wouldn't want to hear what I was saying?  

Suddenly, she broke her silence and made it known that she had found a grey hair on my head!  I told her that I do NOT have grey hair, and it was merely a reflection caused by the light in the room.

Not convinced, she continued in all seriousness...

"How exactly do you GROW a grey hair?"

With a lot of talent, my dear.  Pure talent!

Oh, how I wish I knew the answer to her question 'cause it seems like someone is pouring Miracle Grow all over my head!  

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