Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not So Little Anymore...

So here's the thing...our BABY is about to turn ONE!!!  The big O. N. E.!  You might have heard me say once or twice...okay, a million I might go into complete shut-down mode moments before his first birthday. 

Well, I'm there! 

My sweet, little, beautiful baby boy will no longer be!

I. Don't. Think. I. Can. Handle. That!  sob...sob.

He has changed so much since he was born.  Yes, I know...that's the point.  His personality is shining through, and I love watching him discover life.  It's so easy to forget how beautiful everyday moments are, and I thank him (and all my children) for reminding me.

He's a smart little man full of life and curiosity.  He's adored by both his big sister and big brother.  He soaks up all the attention he can get, and he gladly shares a loving baby hug to anyone who's yearning for some cuddle time. 

His eyes are a beautiful blue.  His hair is a golden blonde.  He loves greeting people with a gentle wave and a sweet "Hi" that could melt anyone's heart.  He wants to do everything that his big brother does...even if it isn't always kosher with a certain someone. 

I'm sadden that time has gone by so quickly.  It seems like he was just born.  I hope he knows how much he's loved.  Our sweet, precious, little one.

We love you, bebe bubba!

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