Friday, July 13, 2012

Houston, We Have Problem {Part Deux}...

Someone has learned a new momma-is-crying-a-river-'cause-keeping-up-with-two-boys-may-prove-to-be-impossible trick!  I'm seeing flashbacks of Logan running out one door while the dogs ran out the other, and times when Logan...well...RAN  EVERYWHERE!  That boy had Nike knocking at the door to be their spokesperson.  Of course, I had to say no due to child labor laws. 

Both Merisa and Logan walked by the time they were one.  Heck, Logan was off and running at 10 1/2 months...and hasn't stopped since.  As Levi approaches the big ONE, I couldn't decide if I should be worried that he hasn't tried to walk or rejoicing for another day without chasing two children in opposite directions as the leave the house via two different doors all the while the dogs go out a third.

So I sucked it up and told Levi he could try walking if he really wanted.  Guess that's all he needed.  Well, a garden hose on a hot day may have helped a little, too. 

He took a few steps prior to these pictures so I knew I had to grab the camera the next time we headed outdoors.  Ya know, it's always good to learn to walk outside where the ground is hard and pavement is DANGEROUS! 

Okay, I had the camera with me just because I always do.  I was taking pictures of the kids like normal when I heard Merisa say "LOOK WHAT LEVI'S DOING!"  Worried that he tried to eat some lovely dirt or the forbidden rock, I stopped everything and turned around to see my baby STANDING with the garden hose in hand!  WHAT?!  How did my sweet, innocent baby go from the sitting position to full blown standing without the aid of a table, chair, or the occasional sibling to use as a lift?


Thankfully, he performed his new trick again...and again...and again...just so I could capture it on film.  Okay, SD card.  I just dated myself, I know.

So there ya have it.  The baby is up and...deep breath...WALKING!  This is a good thing even if my sanity doesn't agree.

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