Friday, March 15, 2013

Let It Snow | Everyday Moments No. 5

The weather in our neck of the woods is anything but "normal." We go from one extreme to the other in a matter of days hours seconds...and I'm NOT exaggerating, y'all! Well, for the most part anyway. To add to the drama, we've often been told of approaching storms and winds, and instead we see sun and 85 degrees. No joke! I just never know what to expect around here.

So when the meteorologist declared that a "SNOW STORM" was heading our direction last week, we welcomed it with open arms. Not because I like the fluffy white fact, I rather despise it due to its marriage with freezing temperatures..., but more because we just haven't seen much snow this year. Yes, it's been quite cold. Down right bone-chilling, really, but no snow. If it's going to be frigid outside, it might as well snow. At least the scenery would be pleasing to the eye.

When school was cancelled due to 7"+ of snow appearing overnight, we all headed outdoors! Some because we had to...and some because it sounded like fun! To my surprise, it was actually quite warm...well, as warm as one would expect during this time of year.

It's the first snow the boys have really seen, and the baby (and yes, I still to refer to him as a baby as I will continue to do so well into his 30s) was quite beside himself. Not sure if he should love this fluffy stuff that covered his playground or if he should cry while running for some warmth and shelter.

At one point, I peered over my shoulder and caught the boys looking quite suspicious. The look in their eyes just said it all (see photo of the two above for evidence)! Two peas in a pod. "Hey, bro. Whatcha doin'? Sounds good. Don't let mommy see. She told us to stay out of the mud. Just this one time. She'll never know. We'll just hide the mud and worms in our boots. She'll never see it there."

And why do my kids find it necessary to immediately do a face-plant into the snow? What is it that draws them in like a mosquito to a bug zapper? Those tendencies send up flashing signals reminding me to add the movie "The Christmas Story" to my never-let-the-children-watch-before-they're-legal-to-drive list. I'm pretty certain one of them would be more than eager to double-dog dare the other to stick their tongue to a frozen pole in the middle of winter. It would not end well.
Overall, we had a blast as we enjoyed some fort-building, snow throwing, and downhill sledding fun! Seeing how the temps were expected to rise in a few days (and they did), we thought it's now or never! Spring is just around the corner, right?!

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  1. These are wonderful and you know what we deal with the ever changing weather here to! The other day it changed every time I walked past my kitchen door and i am not kidding! Great snow pics and adorable children!

    1. And I thought we had it bad around here! I'm SO ready for spring!!! Thanks!

  2. That looks like such a fun day, and you did a beautiful job documenting it. Your kids are just adorable, and I love their hats! Your story made me LOL too- Love the face plant in the snow! It was over ninety degrees here today, so it is crazy to see snow!

    1. Thanks! Their hats pretty much showcase their personalities! Oh, how I wish it was in the 90s around here! I'm quite jealous. Enjoy your warm weather!


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