Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Those Two Little Words...

Seriously, I must have fallen off the blogging bandwagon.  Not intentionally, but more so due to the fact that I have no idea where time has gone...or where it is going!  Someone please grab hold of father time's horses and slow them down 'cause this girl can't keep up! 

And since my Project Life album has become a mere figment of my imagination, I want to pick up on blogging our everyday life.  Ya know, that way the kids will have some solid concrete evidence to use against me one day....and I know they will 'cause that's what I would do! 

In current news, Levi has learned a new word and is even using it correctly.  Pure genius, I say!  What is this magical word you ask?  Well, "uh-oh", of course.  Granted, this may be more of a phrase than a word, but who's calling the grammar police? 

So give me a moment, and I'll share with you a few instances where he's shared this new means of communicating with the rest of the world.

1.  Levi is currently learning to point to various facial features when prompted by a word like this...

Levi, where's your eye?

He quickly points to his eye (which almost results in a trip to the ER seeing how he practically wedges his chubby little finger all the way through to his optic nerve). 

Levi, where's your ear?

He furrows his brow thinking "Man, that one's tricky."  Then, he giggles and grabs his entire ear...and hair.

Levi, where's your nose?

To which he gladly responds by touching the tip of his nose. His finger slowly gravitates towards the middle of his nose where it lands oh so nicely inside a nostril.  Once there for a moment, he gently removes his finger from said nostril and eagerly declares while staring at the tip of his finger...


Yep, there's a bit of problem, son.

2. While on the phone (and I'm sure the phone call was quite important as it always sometimes is), I notice our youngest has managed to remove both his pants and diaper.  Of course, he thinks this is the way life should be lived and decides he must prance around the house all the while squealing at the top of his lungs.  Me, being the best mommy to ever live, laughs with amusement 'cause nothing cuter than a squealing neckid baby.

Remember, I am on the phone so I'm trying to stay poised and calm so the person on the other end doesn't think I'm a complete lunatic.  (And hopefully, they don't read this blog for my cover may be blown.)

As he runs from room to room with pure joy, I decide that it's best to end my phone conversation and capture the little one before anything happens.  All of the sudden, I hear a sweet little voice utter the infamous words...
"UH-OH"!  Knowing that he's standing in the bathroom, my mind begins to frantically wonder about the countless possibilities as to why he'd say "uh-oh."  As I approached the said toddler, I see him staring down at the floor. 

Once again, he squeals as the words "uh-oh" roll off his lips.  He looks up at me with a slight smirk as if to say "I'm the cutest baby to ever live!  I'd never do anything wrong!". 

I look down at the floor where he'd been standing, and sure enough, he relieved himself...without wearing a diaper...AGAIN!   Yep, I'd say "UH-OH", too!

3.  And least, I can say he truly understands the meaning of the word (or phrase)...UH-OH!  Now the question remains as to what his next word should be.  Suggestions are welcomed...and encouraged!

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