Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just A Swingin'...

As the warm air returns, we all venture outside...breathing in fresh air and soaking up rays. 

The kids immediately start running in every direction. 

A little one calls out, "Mommy, I want to swing!  Please, can I swing?!"

Such a divine, yet simplistic way to enjoy life.

The joy of nature is overwhelming. 

The birds are chirping. 

The breeze is refreshing. 

A young child declares "Look, mommy!  The grass is green!  I didn't know the grass was green."

The smallest things don't go unnoticed. 

Their laughter fills the air.  It's contagious!

Could it get any better than this?  I think not!

*One day Merisa will despise me for sharing that lovely picture of her!  That seems to be the reaction of many when I grab my camera!  I might need to find other kids to chase around and photograph since mine seem to be annoyed by the Mama-razzi!  (See above image of all three for further evidence!)

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  1. If it wasn't their mama taking pictures, you know their grandpa would fill the spot in a second! Your kids are going to be some of the most photographed kids EVER! And I'm so glad... I love seeing updates from around the world... :D Thanks for sharing!!!


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