Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Project Life {Week 21 & 22}

Don't fall off your chairs, y'all, when I say that I'm STILL chugging along with Project Life!  I can hardly believe it myself. I have serious commitment issues, in case you haven't noticed!  I've even been spotted walking out of the house donning a wardrobe that consists of a pajama top and jean shorts.  Can't even follow through in the whole "getting dressed for the day" idea.  Maybe I just have a problem with following directions.  I'm not sure.  

Anyway, I decided to back track a bit and share some pages from when school let out and the summer officially started around here.  Plus, I'm not completely caught up on PL (about a month behind) so showing you the past week's layout wouldn't actually be possible.  And I had to find pages that wouldn't get me turned over to the authorities for bad parenting.  So there's that.

What you're about to see may seem odd...not the people in the pictures, but rather the random one and half page layout.  Typically, I stick to two pages, but not this time.  I tried to limit myself to one page for one week so that I could catch up more quickly.  Then, I realized I missed some important aspects...like journaling...so I added the half page.  The lazy way out for sure.  Maybe I just needed some directions...

So below you'll find the first week of summer followed by the second week, which consisted of our first family of five vacation.  Since I already blogged about that (you can read it here), I'll skip repeating myself.  Although I'm told that I do that often.  

Granted, these pages were put together quite quickly a few weeks ago so they're not very exciting.  Oh, well.  The purpose is to document life and not for it to take over your life, right?

Week 21 Full Layout:

Left Side:

Right Side (Design H):

Week 22 Full Layout:

Right Side:

Left Side (Design H):

*Note: I probably totally messed up on the week numbers.  Since I have no one else to compare with, I had to count it out by hand on the calendar.  I only had to count it four five twenty times before I came up with a consistent number!  Seriously, what's wrong with me?  Okay, don't answer that!

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  1. Great pages! I love your balance of pictures and journaling. And I LOVE your comment about it being about documenting life rather than taking it over. Great perspective!

    1. Thanks! I really would like for every page to be "scrap-tastic", but sometimes quality time with the kiddos is much more important...even if it's exhausting at times! =)


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