Friday, June 1, 2012

Family of Five Vacation #1...CONQUERED!

I'm a huge advocate of the MUST-TAKE-A-VACATION-EVERY-YEAR club!  Even if it's just a small hop to a nearby county, family vacations are a MUST around here.  Well, except for the years that involve something, say...having a baby

See, I avoided all types of travel when I was carrying a little one.  Past pregnancy experiences = stay close to doctor at all times!

So when this year rolled around, I could barely wait for the last day of school.  I think I was more anxious for the end of the school year than the student and teacher living in this house were.  I've been counting down the days minutes put it lightly! 

We wanted to test the waters before taking on LONG road trips.   So we planned a trip to the zoo and a little place known as Kalahari.  What?!  You haven't heard of KALAHARI!  How is that possible?  Google it.  You can thank me later.

The kids travelled amazingly well.  As for the parents...let me just say that my cruise control isn't working!  Driving down the highway for an extended period of time isn't extremely pleasant when the modern convenience of a vehicle maintaining a constant speed isn't available.  Enough said!

Anyway, the zoo was BEAUTIFUL!  Since we were able to vacation before most were out of school, we completely avoided the crowd.  In fact, I was a bit concerned that the zoo was closed since there was all of TEN cars in the parking lot!  An exaggeration...maybe...but you get the point!

As we've found out, Logan LOVES the zoo!  He's all nonstop "WOW! WOW! WOOOOOOOOW!"  Love two-year olds and their excitement with the world!
Yep...he was THRILLED by the coin donation spinning thingy! (Ok, I have NO idea what it's actually called!)

And there were these random animals hanging near the kiddie portion of the zoo.  Merisa and Logan enjoyed displaying their new "looks!"

Oh, these kids weren't prompted to do this!  I guess when you see a giant fish with it's mouth open...what else are you supposed to do?

As for the bebe, he just soaked it all up while enjoying some yummy snacks.  Oh, he also liked his stroller partner!

After the zoo, we left for Kalahari.  As we approached the outskirts of this MAMMOTH resort, Merisa was beyond ecstatic!  Just to fill you in on the magnitude of this place...I'm pretty sure it has it's own zip code. 

Anyway, it's quite enormous!  It's an all inclusive indoor/outdoor waterpark.  Next best thing to Disney!  Just ask Merisa!  Oh, Logan's now a big fan, too!

The kids (and us parents) ventured down countless waterslides, swam in the waves, and relaxed in the lazy river.  Yep, even Logan braved the waterslides!  Both the two older kids are daredevils.  Me, I like to make sure my feet are touching the earth at all times!  Sad, I know.

Here's the only Kalahari pic I found suitable for the internet.  You won't be seein' this mommy sportin' her water-wearin'-post-three-babies-body attire all over the world wide web.  No, sir!

I could go on and on, but I'm guessing I should stop for now.  Needless to say, we had an AMAZING vacation!  I LOVE venturing out as a family!  I feel so blessed!  Life is good!


  1. Now you understand our obsession... ;)

    1. Maybe we should try to conquer Disney together sometime! =)


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