Friday, March 9, 2012

All About The Marshmallows...

Not too long ago, my cousin posted a comment questioning why Lucky Charms still came with the cereal pieces.  After reading her post, I was in tears!  She was incredibly right!

Refer to picture above.  This is Logan's "finished" bowl of cereal.  After which, he demanded "More, mommy!  More!"  Really?

And yes, that's a Gyro Bowl.  BEST. INVENTION. EVER!  No more easy-to-reach treats for the doggies!

Anyway, I thought my kids were the only ones who ate just the marshmallows.  I would get SO frustrated every time I saw a "finished" cereal bowl.  We'd go through an ENTIRE box of Lucky Charms in a day, and yet, not one person would eat the cereal pieces.  Seriously?  Is it really that bad...or maybe it's because the marshmallows are just so good! 

This leads me to my next point...

Why, as a mother, do I keep BUYING Lucky Charms?!  Who am I trying to fool?  I keep thinking that maybe, just maybe, the next time they will eat EVERY single piece.  No more throwing away a box of half eaten cereal.  Ha! 

Yeah, I don't really throw it away.

Someone around here has eaten many bowls of Lucky Charms without the marshmallows.   Don't judge me.  You know you've done it, too! 

So I'm sending a request to General Mills to please STOP adding the cereal pieces to Lucky Charms.  The children of the world would like a box of nothing but marshmallows.  I know, this is completely unhealthy and makes me an unfit mother.  Oh, wait...I already crossed that line a long time ago!  Refer to Exhibit A and Exhibit B

Oh, wait!  I haven't shared Exhibit B, yet.  I'm still trying to get up the nerve to document that story.  I'm always like Yes! Yes, you CAN do it.  Just lay it all out on the table. It's not as bad as you think.

Okay, yeah it was!

Note to General Mills: Please donate a life-time supply of Marshmallow ONLY Lucky Charms to our family.  I will be using the "cereal" as a potty-training bribe.  Please, and thank you.

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