Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are You My Mother?

My morning routine consists of getting Merisa ready for school...which can be quite the task as time is not her friend!  This morning right before she walked out the door (or so I thought), I went upstairs and grabbed one sleeping kid.  The idea crept through my mind...what would happen if I left the house without one of the boys?  Would they wake up?  Would they panic? Or would they simply sleep through it all? (My guess is that a tornado would strike unexpectedly.  Tear down our house and carry our babies all the way to Maine...but that's just my thought!)

Anyway, I carried him down the hall, down the stairs, and finally into the van.  Next, I climbed the stairs yet again to grab another sleeping child.  Already exhausted, I kept on task by walking down the hall, down the stairs, and finally ended my long journey by loading the last sleeping child into the van.  This can be quite the chore as I swear it's over a mile between the garage and the boys' bedroom.  No joke!  And I have to do that twice every morning! I always worry about leaving the house without one of the kids (refer to older posts), but somehow everyone makes it into the van...

Or so it's been said.  I closed all the doors, started the van, opened the garage door, and backed out of the garage.  As I drove away, I looked back to make sure the garage door was closing.  And to my wonder, who do I see standing in the garage...MERISA, of course!  Really?!  How is this possible?  The one kid who I thought was getting into the van BEFORE I started loading up the boys.  The one kid who is always telling me "mommy, you forgot to buckle the baby!"  The one kid who tells me that I never made supper for anyone.  Really?  How did I leave the house without HER?!  And I was on the way to her school.  So what would've happened had I driven down the road without her?  My guess is that I would've received a call on my cell.  Wondered who in the world would be calling me so early in the morning.  And then to my astonishment, hear my little girl's voice on the phone saying "Are YOU really my mother?"  Why yes, despite all things logical...yes, I am! =)

When I got home after my eventful morning, I looked over Merisa's school papers from the day before (oh, I really despise ending a sentence with a preposition so I've added this statement to avoid that situation!).  Anyway, I found her spelling test...A+, of course!  The girl CAN spell.  She doesn't get that from me.  Then, I read the teacher's comment followed by hers...
Oh, Merisa!  =)  These teachers' kids.  They think they're SO smart!


  1. Ha ha. You're awesome. Kayla underlined the word "dinosaur" last night on her end-of-book test, just "because". I guess underlining is the hip thing to do nowadays?!?

  2. Touche! =) These girls are way too witty (and hip)! It's hard to keep up with them.


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