Monday, February 27, 2012

When You're Tired...

You're tired!  Little Logan isn't the best of sleepers.  Heck, none of my children are, but he seems to require very little sleep. And this does not pair well with me...someone who LOVES catching some zzz's. 

Throughout my entire life, I've ALWAYS gotten 8+ hours of sleep.  If I didn't...well, it wasn't pretty!  Me + no sleep = one CRAZY, IRRITABLE lady!  Okay, so that was the way of the world before children.  Now, I'm running on auto-pilot.  No sleep for the weary.  I figure in about 18 years I'll be sleeping all day every day in order to make up for lost time!  Ha, that will never happen!  I've got way too many projects on my to-do list!  Thanks, Pinterest! =)

Anywho, our little Logan had a fun-filled day...and night!  Merisa had a sleepover, which translates to kids running wild until they fall over in pure exhaustion around midnight.  Granted, the girls fell asleep way before my little boys.  Yep, the 2-year old and 7 month old were up until 1:30 IN THE MORNING!  And then, wouldn't you know it?  SIX...count them...SIX hours later, everyone was up!  Really?!  Don't those little bodies need to reboot? 

Well, the kids made it through the following day just like normal.  The next morning came as usual.  No one required any extra sleep...except me, of course!  We ate lunch, and our kids played a little more.  Yes, you read two older kids were playing together...nicely!  A MIRACLE! 

Then, the house grew silent.  This always makes me concerned.  I asked Merisa where her brother was.  She wasn't sure.  I went looking, and guess what I found...

Yep, a exhausted little Logan fast asleep on the STAIRS!  See what I mean when I say that he goes and goes and GOES until his body can take no more! Love that boy...even his must-eat-crackers-at-2-in-the-morning non-sleeping self!

In case you were wondering, I did move him to a "safer" sleeping spot.  And yes, he's still in his PJs at 2pm!  That's how we roll when we have no where to go.  Funny thing is that used to completely annoy me.  Running around in PJs all day was absurd...then again, living on a farm was unimaginable!  Funny how life works! 

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