Monday, February 20, 2012

Houston, We've Got A Problem...

Despite my constant discouragement and unwillingness to help speed things along, a little certain someone has learned a new *trick*...and momma is NOT happy! 

Yes, I realize that the last picture looks a little phony, but it was difficult to capture the moment while dodging a toddler and an ever so happy you-got-on-floor-to-play-with-ME puppy!  Any one who dares to sit on the floor in our house will be ATTACKED by one three every living soul!  These pictures all happened within a minute or so...this boy knows how to move! 

Okay, so he's not completely crawling.  More like...

Up on all fours.

Wriggle his little hiney.

Rock back and forth.

Blow bubbles that result in a giant slobber puddle on the floor.

And LEAP forward like a toad jumping away from a wild dog!

I know it won't be long, and my world will turn upside-down all over again!  Watch out America...a crazy lady might be running through your streets looking for a place to hide!

It's funny because with Merisa I couldn't wait until she started moving.  Every new milestone was SO exciting.  I was all like "Come on...You know you can do it!  Crawl...Walk!  Who cares that you're only 3 months old?!"

Now I'm just like "Oh, poor baby. You want to be held EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT. Okay!"  So maybe I've purposely tried to keep him an infant...but he's NOT getting the point!  Guess that was bound to happen! 

Somehow my babies keep growing even though I've had NUMEROUS talks with Father Time!  So by the end of the week, all of my children will probably be moving...which translates to a frustrated little Logan screaming "No, bebe bubba! MY tractor!"



    i miss u guys......

    1. Thanks! Guess we all need to get together sometime soon! =)


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