Thursday, February 9, 2012

February Menu...Foiled Again!

Okay, I've had this post written for quite some time, but haven't shared it.  Why?  Mostly because I've yet to hold true to it!  See...I really wanted to simplify my life by making a monthly menu.  I keep hearing about the blog world...who are planning menus so I thought I'd give it a try.

Well, the menu was planned, but as of today I've completely ignored it!  I'm going to post this anyway.  Why?  I'll tell you...

I did make a grocery list that included the ingredients for each of the meals.

I did purchase all of the needed ingredients...which is amazing for me!  Cooking...not my thing!

I have made the meals on this menu.  Just not on the day I listed. 

So my plans have been foiled, yet it still somehow making things just a bit easier.  My problem was that when it came to a specific day I wasn't in the mood for whatever I had planned.  And when you're NOT a cook, you need to feel like eating something before you can actually make it!

I will say that life has been a lot easier.  See, actually having the food ON-HAND keeps me from running to the store, and impromptu grocery shopping is next to impossible around here.  Let me just say country living and three kiddos doesn't make it easy nor does it justify the drive...all in the name of food.

Although my menu wasn't set in stone, it has helped.  Anytime I find a way to make everyday living a bit less complicated I'm happy.  And a happy mom is a happy family, right?!

Below is my original post.  Don't feel like you need to read it.  I'm sharing for my own sake...just to make me laugh the next time I get this radical idea to plan a menu!  Guess my husband was right.  Shhhh...don't tell him! 

This is my Homemade Resolution for February...meal planning!  I just realized that I picked the shortest month of the year to plan a month of meals (even though it is a leap year)!  Nope, I didn't do this on purpose even though you might think so!  Guess my intuition knew that planning for a week would be hard enough...let alone an entire month.  Good thing someone's watching out for me! =)

Well, here's my menu.  If this makes life easier, I'm going to stick this out for the year...or even longer.  No more trying to figure out what's for dinner when it's already 5:00pm.  Plus, my shopping trips might be less frequent, which is a sure blessing around here!

Feb. 1-4
Wed:  Goulash
Thurs:  Leftovers
Fri:  Beef Enchiladas
Sat:  Chili

Feb. 5-11
Sun:  Cheese Toasties and Soup
Mon:  Crockpot Lasagna
Tues:  Oven-Fried Pork Chops
Wed:  Mac and Cheese
Thurs:  Leftovers
Fri:  Spaghetti
Sat:  No Cooking

Feb. 12-18
Sun:  Eggs and Pancakes
Mon:  Nachos
Tues:  Ham and Twice-Baked Potatoes
Wed:  Pot Roast and Veggies
Thurs:  Leftovers
Fri:  Johnny Marzetti
Sat:  Pizza                                   

Feb. 19-25
Sun:  No Cooking
Mon:  Meatloaf
Tues:  Homemade Pizza Calzones
Wed:  Sausage and Veggie Soup
Thurs:  Leftovers
Fri:  Sloppy Joes
Sat:  BBQ Pork

Feb. 26-29
Sun:  No Cooking
Mon:  Ham and Potato Soup
Tues:  French Toast
Wed:  Leftovers


  1. HAHAHAHA...Not laughing AT you, laughing WITH you. Totally something I would do!!

    1. Well, it's not the first for me nor will it be the last! You're a lot more committed to projects than I am...hence, why I should NOT start quilting...yet it's SOOOOOO tempting!


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