Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Little Bebe {6 Month Edition}

Once again, time has gotten away from us!  Our little bebe is now 6 months old!  Next thing you know I'll be posting that he's 5 or even 13...{insert sobbing mommy here}!  Anyway, I thought I'd give you some updates on our little man.
  • He now weighs 18.5 lbs. and is 27.5 in., which means that his 6-9 month clothing is getting a little snug.
  • He sits on his own, and he's ever so proud because the idea of laying down for just one second is NOT on his to-do list!
  • He rolls ALL OVER the floor allowing him to wedge himself under a friendly couch or a nearby table and then, screams to no end since the only direction he can move is backwards.
  • He has somehow figured out how to get up on all four, which can only lead to...ugh...CRAWLING
  • He has finally started SOLID food, and he thinks it is some sort of torture!
  • He LOVES his brother and sister to the point that he is constantly rolling their direction and trying to hug them ever so sweetly (and with a face full of slobber, which they totally love).
About his version of torture, the poor boy was just given clearance to eat rice cereal.  The other two started cereal at a much younger age, but this go around the medical field has decided that food before 6 months leads to childhood obesity.  Okay...guess I should inform Merisa that she's overweight! I'm COMPLETELY joking, of course!  This girl barely weighs more than her 2-year old brother.

Although I'm one of those people who typically doesn't listen to doctors, I did this time.  Not intentionally, but more because I couldn't remember to pick up cereal when I got the motivation to go to the store!  (Okay, so it could have also been due to the fact that I couldn't find a COUPON for the said cereal.)

Nonetheless, Levi started solid food the other day.  And let me tell you that introducing food to a baby who's 6 months is not as easy as with, say, a 4 month old.  Not only did most of the cereal end up on his face instead of in his belly, but he also decided that it was the MOST disgusting thing...ever!  It might even rate as #2 on his Things-I-Will-NEVER-Put-In-My-Mouth list....with, of course, his binky being #1.

The few times that I was able to get the spoon in proximity of his tongue, he would gasp, cringe and gag! Is it really that bad? Yeah, probably so! 

In addition to despising the texture and taste of cereal, he was able to pull the spoon out of my hand EVERY TIME and dump the contents anywhere but in his mouth!  He did decide at one point that the spoon made a better chew toy than food least that's some sort of progress! Guess we'll be moving onto finer foods sooner that I thought!

I'll leave you with a few images of how Logan decided to *help*.  I had to video tape the event since I did with the other two.  I wouldn't want him to feel left out when he sits down to watch old videos with his wife and family.  Who am I kidding?  He's a boy...he'll never care about adorable home movies (aka: old and embarrassing movies worthy of blackmail)!

At first, Logan was completely amazed that bebe bubba could *eat*, and he wanted to feed Levi.  I assured him that he would just get completely yucky and messy.  So he decided to help capture footage of the said feeding process instead.  Notice how the camera lens becomes Logan's *viewfinder*...too cute!


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