Thursday, December 8, 2011

Take That Mr. Entertainment Center...

Our TV and accompanying electronics are housed in a so-called "entertainment center".  No, it's not one of those huge contraptions for ours is rather small, but nonetheless an entertainment center.

Despite being covered in millions of stickers, being colored oh so nicely with a green crayon, and being the place of many of "it's my turn to watch my show" arguments (which is probably coming from someone different than what you're thinking!), this said piece of furniture has lasted through the wrath of children...

Until now!

See, nothing can withstand the busy little bee whose mind moves much faster than mine...and I've stopped many disasters before they happened.  I've been complemented for my "cat-like" joke!  Like catching a glass in midair right before it shatters on the ground.  Or grabbing a falling child moments before he/she stumbles onto the floor or into the occasional door in order to avoid yet another bruise to be adorned upon my child's precious face.  Oh, yes, I've even impressed myself with my superb "mommy talent"...

However, Logan lives to test my abilities.  You would've thought that I would have known better than to let this little guy watch Bob The Builder whilst holding a toy saw while in the presence of the "entertainment center".  Nope, didn't even cross my mind.

We now know that everytime a loud thud or a crash is heard coming from the living room, Logan is dismantling the his new favorite toy...

The glass doors have been removed
and the pieces that hold everything together have been lost.

The shelf holding our video player has been knocked down and dragged out
like the losing battle between a chicken and its master.
(I'll let you decide who the winner is!)

Various beams have been sawed off the unit
and little wooden dowels are nowhere to be found.

I thought this piece could survive the test of time since it made it through the sticker and crayon phase.  Well, Merisa had nothing on Logan.  I'm going to blame it on the cute little carpenter show giving my sweet boy the great thought of "can we fix it?  Yes, we can."  I must teach him that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

I did, though, find the missing dowel in the dryer.  Guess Logan thought that he must keep this said wooden piece in his pocket for a job on his to-do list! I can only imagine what his future project could have been.

So the "entertainment center" has given a whole new meaning to the word entertainment! It has provided hours days weeks of fun for our busy little boy! Who would have known?!

And I'll leave you with a pic of Levi in his "entertainment center".  I know what you're thinking...just wait until he's two!  Oh, the mischievous adventures of those little ones will be endless!  Can you even imagine?  Shhhhh...don't tell me!  I'm trying not to think about it! =) (And  look!  I only used one smiley in this entire post!  Truly amazing!)

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