Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our 12 Days Of Christmas...

Here's a brief look inside our house during the holidays.  I'll post more later when I have a little more free time!  Okay, so that may never happen, but I'll still try to blog amidst the chaos.  When everyone's home, it tends to become a little hectic around here...ya know, I can never find the end of those "mommy to-do lists"!

(Please read the following all the while humming the "12 Days of Christmas".  Question is...can you remember the entire song?  Of course, I'm referring to the original version and not Jeff Foxworthy's!) So here's our crazy life during the past week or two...

12 Nights of Hoping

11 "Brown" Trucks Delivering

10 Loads-a-Washing

9 Ornaments Crashing

8 Stockings Hangin'

7 Christmas Gatherings

6 Dishes Baking

5 Exhausted Humans

4 Home Alone Movies

3 Screaming Kids

2 Lonely Puppies

And a Jump 'N Slide Bounce House

Hope y'all had a VERY Merry Christmas!  I know we had a blast, and we were more than blessed!  Thanks for everything!  Now I just need to find that maid! =)

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