Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Little Miracle...

I while back I stumbled across a blog.  Originally, it was just a cute little blog that I enjoyed reading...full of fun facts and creative ideas.  It was also a great motivator for me to embrace my crafty side.  However, one year ago the author of the blog, Kayla Aimee, gave birth to a beautiful little girl 15 weeks early!  Her story is absolutely amazing and has touched my heart in many ways.  The baby was named Scarlette, and her journey is nothing less of a miracle.  Yesterday, she celebrated her 1st birthday, and her mother wrote her a birthday letter, which I encourage all of you to read.  It is a true testimony to the power of faith and the love of God.  So if you have time, check out her story.  But I must warn you to grab some tissues...especially if you're like me and have struggled with fertility. 

As I sit here holding my third child, I am amazed that we've been so blessed.  It's been a long and heartbreaking road, but well worth it.  I never knew how strong love for a child could be until Merisa was born.  There is a deep bond that cannot be expressed in words...truly an act of God.  A few years after Merisa was born, we were hoping and praying for a second child...a sibling and playmate for our daughter.  And Merisa so badly wanted a baby brother (she will not admit to that now, of course!).  She even made postcards asking for a little brother (surprisingly, she didn't want a sister), and her only desire for Christmas was for Santa to bring her a baby brother.  It was so touching!  After many years of one loss after another, we welcomed our second child, Mr. Logan, into the world in 2009.  Then, to everyone's surprise, little Levi was born 23 months later.  Children are such a miracle and a huge blessing to this world.  There may be days where I'm completely exhausted...I'm pretty sure I'm running on auto-pilot seeing how sleep is just a figment of my imagination...but I would never change anything!  I couldn't imagine my life without these beautiful children.  They are such a blessing...crazy and wild at times, but still a blessing! =)

So I encourage you to hop over to Kayla Aimee's blog and read her letter to Scarlette, a 25-week micro-preemie.  A true testimony to the miracle of life!

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