Thursday, November 10, 2011

Go Ahead and Cry...

Whenever I lay Levi down, he begins to cry.  I should mention that this little boy wants nothing but all of your undivided attention.  Who cares if it's impossible to wash the dishes with one hand or make supper for the other two children or even, heaven forbid, use the bathroom?!  This little one knows he is irresistibly cute...why would you want to do anything else but hold him? 

So maybe I've contributed to this seeing how he slept next to me in the hospital bed EVERY night.  It's not like I actually had the chance to sleep anyway...ya know, as many times as they came in to take vitals, give pain meds, and push on your already extremely painful belly.  And whose idea was it anyway....let's check to make sure your baby-making-organ is shrinking by pushing around on your abdomen until you can no longer take the severe amount of pain...and cry UNCLE!  Yes, having a c-section doesn't really help.  It's like some form of torture that I've seen Jack Bauer perform on the terrorists. SERIOUSLY!  (And if you haven't watched the show 24, I highly recommend it.) The best part is when you finally think you can take no more, they leave the room and say "get some sleep!"  Really?  I need more pain meds now, and besides, you'll be back to test my endurance in an hour or two.  Okay, I really do respect the medical field and all that they do (it is my love), but it's hard sometimes being the patient. 

So while in the hospital, my sweet baby slept beside me.  Who wants to put their precious little newborn in one of those cold, clear bassinets...or whatever they're called!  And maybe, just maybe, I knew he's my last so he's just a bit on the spoiled side.  Oh, no, I would never do that! =)

Back to my main point.  Little Levi started crying as I placed him on the floor.  I just needed to cut up Logan's food, but guess that wasn't important to him.  So Merisa came over to console her baby brother.  He LOVES it when someone talks to him...he doesn't care what you're saying as long as you say it with a smile.  (Oh, remind me...I must blog about this concept.  Another one of Merisa's great moments!)  Anyway, Levi looked up at his big sister wondering what beautiful sounds she'll make.  I listened in on her sweet conversation only to hear...

"Levi, you can cry all you want.  Just do it in your head so that I don't have to hear it!" 
Priceless! =)

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