Monday, October 7, 2013

The Untold Wisdoms Of Being Four...

A certain little someone decided he was not going to partake in eating supper tonight.  Instead, he found the need to dance throughout the house and dazzle us with his charm...aka: A four-year old showing the world that he is independent and his own person.  He will NOT be controlled by anyone. 

Being the all-knowing mother that I am, I informed said child that he WOULD become hungry at some point later in the evening.  He was quick to say that he would most certainly not be!  His tummy was anything but empty.  Quite full, really.

As the evening progressed and long after supper was served, this little boy decided he might...just maybe...have a bit of a rumbly in his tumbly.  Not wanting to directly ask for food, he tip-toed around the subject by dancing in circles and just softly stating "umm.  um..  umm...". 

After the uttering echoed through the house for about 10 minutes, I finally informed (insert name of child that shall remain nameless) "I am not making supper again. You can eat the food you were served."

Without skipping a beat and thoroughly thrilled that he had a WONDERFUL solution to the problem, said child declared, "That's okay, mommy!  You don't have to make me anything!  I'LL JUST EAT JUNK FOOD!!!" 

It's quite simple, really. 

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