Saturday, August 31, 2013

Best Little Buds...

Our two little boys are the best of pals! 
Dearest friends through thick and thin.
There are a thousand pairs of grand duos who have made everlasting impression on our minds
...and the rascally boys that call me mom have already left their mark! 
The older one adores his tiny shadow. 
The younger one stands in awe of his all-knowing brother.
Two peas in a pod.
Without hesitation, the eldest shares his beloved keepsake with his younger sibling. 
Every little cry sheds concern on the older one's heart.
Where there is one you'll surely find the other. 
Outdoor play with trucks and tractors extends down the drive.
Knees on pavement. Palms cradling their prized toys.
Feet bare as the summer heat abounds.
As I watch these two darken their knees and feet from the crumbling pavement,
they softly mumble "voom, voom".
I can't help but to embrace this moment.
These two melt my heart.
They are the best of friends.

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