Wednesday, December 19, 2012

From Magic Erasers To Baby Godzillas...

Since I've somehow managed to take a bit of a blogging break, I thought I'd catch up on a few random happenings.  This break was mostly due in part to my inability to tell time...or at least be able to keep track of it!  I'm having an incredibly difficult time with the thought that 2013 is less than two weeks away!  Seriously...I was just getting started on my New Year Resolution's for 2012!  Who am I fooling...I'm still working on the ones set back in 1985!  And this folks is why I never actually set resolutions...aside from the one time that I blogged my resolution for all the world to see!  Guess I won't be doing that again.

Anyway, here's a peak into what's been going on around here.

1.  Logan spent some time on this special bench (aka: Time Out Chair)

 for sharing his artwork in places like this:

His lovely work can also be seen on numerous other walls throughout the house.  It's his own little exhibit hall.  Please call to schedule your own personal showing.  Autographs will be available at the end of the tour.

And this is why we have stock in those fabulous Magic Erasers. 

2.  Levi has a new trick much to his brother's delight.  He's stacking instead of destroying!  See, Logan's block-made towers tend to stay up just a wee bit longer since baby Godzilla is no longer on the loose!

3.  During school, Merisa's class was asked to give a synonym for the word "mistake".  Merisa responded with the obvious answer..."boys!"  I can't imagine where she gets it from...No, sir! 

4. Our little boys think the world functions much better during 2nd shift.  That is, up at night, and sleep during the day.  Who am I fooling?  When it comes to sleep, they give the Cullens a run for their money.  These boys no longer require sleep...none at all!  They must be sneaking some sort of energy booster while I'm not looking.  Maybe they're just loaded with an entire warehouse of Energizer batteries. Who knows?  I will say that the lack of sleep is causing havoc on the older inhabitants of this home. It's a wonder that I haven't ran to the store in my mismatched jammies with my hair in side ponytail straight from the '80s all the while thinking I was fully dressed and polished.  Oh, wait...I did!  And it's possible that it was a little worse than what I'm disclosing.

This may explain why I'm in complete and utter shock that Christmas is only a few days away! Don't get me started on where the last 5 years went! 

However, the lack of sleep sometimes catches up with the wee little lads during dinner time.

5.  Finally, Logan is becoming more cooperative when it comes to taking pictures.  Granted, this is the face that he often shares...
Guess I should tell him not to force the smile so much!

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