Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Importance Of Following Directions...

Yesterday, I did my American duty by voting.  No, this post is not going to be about my political views, but rather about my ability to follow directions.  I'm learning a lot about myself through blogging!  Writing everyday occurrences out for all the world to see makes me look at my life a little more clearly.  Or at least that's my excuse.
So I ventured out to the my friendly precinct in order to submit my votes.  I stood in a line that made me feel like I was at an amusement park...or a Rascal Flatts concert.  Something about me standing in always leads to some sort of crazy moment.  Remember my journey into 4-H this summer?  Enough said. (If you missed this sad but true event, you can read about it here and here.)
Anyway, the line was long...extremely long!  After waiting for about 30 minutes, I reached the check-in point where I needed to show my ID and sign the "paper"...only the lady couldn't find me in their "your allowed to vote here" book!  Really?  Why doesn't this surprise me?  We went back and forth for a bit to the point where she told me I needed to vote somewhere else.  Not sure where since I had a governmental document telling me to vote HERE. 
After searching her entire book, she realized she was looking under the wrong name.  Of course!  Then, my beloved name was found, and I was almost cleared to vote.  Just needed to sign my name.  I grabbed a pen out of my purse (germaphobe...sharing a pen with the entire county...not happening!) As I began to sign my name, she declares STOP!  Is that blue ink?  Yeah, I guess so.  The helpful lady pointed out that I needed to use a BLACK pen or the government wouldn't accept it.  Okay?!  So I slowly reached for THAT pen...the one everyone else was using.  Instead of reaching for the hand sanitizer in my purse and rapidly soaking the pen with its antibacterial wonder, I decided to sign my name and drench my hands in the sanitizer once I was finished. 
Did I get stares?  Of course, but who knows if it was for this reason or for the fact that I was told I was at the wrong precinct.  Dumb city girl!   
So I preceded and moved on to the second line where I waited another 20 minutes.  Then, the nice gentleman got me set-up in the voting box and away I went.  However, I must have some sort of test anxiety 'cause I looked at all the options and went blank.  Not because I didn't know who I wanted to vote for...nope.  Mostly because that machine FREAKS ME OUT!  I don't get it. Everything looks like a jumbled mess.  I see the options, but yet I can't tell what goes where.  Do you push this button or that button?  Where are the directions?  Directions...ahhh!
By some miracle, I made it through my ballot.  I checked it once, twice, three times.  Everything was in order.  The fog had been lifted.  I hit the final button..."Confirm Vote".  I looked for the lady to say I was done.  She nodded, and I moved on...only to hear her proclaim "Mam! Mam!" 
Now what?
You forgot to push the RED button to confirm your votes!
Really?  How did miss the bright RED FLASHING button?! 
Should I be sharing this with the entire world?  Probably not.  I'm sure I'm the only person who has trouble with those well thoughtout and extremely user friendly devices.  How did Steve Jobs not get his hands on those machines, anyway?
So there ya have it.  Another adventure where a lack of following directions has caused havoc.  Kids...please listen to your teachers!  READ THE DIRECTIONS FIRST!
Side note:  I'm nearing my 100th post!  How in the world did I actually commit to this whole blogging thing...I do not know!  In order to celebrate this accomplishment (which has yet to happen so maybe it won't), I'm planning a little giveaway.  It will happen within the next week.  I won't give you too much info, but it is something that would make for a great gift for the little kiddos in your life.  Maybe even the big ones would like it, too!  Stay tuned!

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