Monday, October 15, 2012

Not In Kansas Anymore...

Look!  The corn doesn't stand a chance!
This past weekend the weather decided to take a drastic turn, which is completely normal around here.  For some reason, the temperatures warmed up quite a bit, but it wasn't as simple as that.  Oh, no!  With temperature changes we can expect crazy, wild, tornado-like winds...and I'm NOT exaggerating...too much, anyway. 

If you live in an area that is fortunate enough to have a tree or two or even a building of any size, be extremely thankful!  See, a "windy day" in the city is NOTHING compared to the tornadic activity caused by the wind gusts out here in the flat land!  Seriously, think F5 TORNADO that never ends!

From time to time, I'm pretty certain I've seen the Wicked Witch of West hover around our house followed by little voices singing "We welcome you to Munchkin Land."  I just need to find those ruby slippers!   (And right now as my husband reads this...if he does...he is falling off of his chair laughing hysterically as he reflects on the one time I rode my bike in his presence.  Enough said!)

*Note:  Please ignore the crude quality of the following pictures.  They were taken with my phone. Plus, I wasn't really thinking about composition...I was just going with the moment and enjoying the craziness!  And yes, I've been bitten by the photography bug so I cringe at the thought of posting these images.  Oh, well! 

Anyway, the weekend started off with a small tornado that hit inside of the house.  This is why I refrain from buying cereal.  Then, there's the issue of wanting a box of Lucky Charms with only marshmallow pieces.

When the wind came with a vengeance, we decided to go outside.  Okay, not really, but who could stay inside with warm spring-like temperatures?  So I tied cinder blocks to the kids' shoes, and we braved the elements.  No, I didn't really use cinder blocks.  I couldn't find any.

While outside trying to dodge wind speeds of 356 mph, the boys played like little the dirt.

Then, they ventured to bike riding.  I, on the other hand, didn't want the Wicked Witch theme music to fill the air so I decided not to join in the bike riding fun.

 Even little Levi got in on the action...although he's not big enough to reach the pedals.  And yes, the bike is pink.  Why buy a new bike when you already have one?  Paint can fix anything!

Trying to overcome the headwind while riding bikes became a daunting task.  So they decided toy cars and shopping carts would be a much better choice.

And if big brother thinks its entertaining, so should little brother.

Now the question remains...Did he fall over from the wind or did he just give up on fighting its mighty force?

And wouldn't ya know it?  The wind blew out our power for a bit...right at supper time!  Really?  What do you feed three hungry children that does not require heating?  PB & might say.  Well, only 1/3 of our kiddos will even think about eating gooey sandwich!  The other 2/3 opted for Gold Fish crackers, of course! 

Thankfully, the power was restored before extreme hunger hit.  Although, it was a bit entertaining watching everyone fumble around in the dark.  Thank goodness for flashlights and candles! 

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