Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Random Thoughts

So I tend to have these random thoughts on things I should blog, but then decide that there is no way it would be long enough. Ya know, the story would be short and seem pointless.  So I decided to compile a few thoughts together in one post in order to make it a little more blog worthy. Although, I hope I don't ramble too much for I would hate to write a long and boring story! =)  Oh, too's my blog, and I'll write if I want to...You would write, too, if it happened to you.  (I'm guessing this song is now stuck in your head.  Hope so, cause I'm pretty certain I'll be singing it all day only to hear my daughter say "please do us all a favor and find a new song!")

Sorry, back to my main point(s) appearing in no particular order...

1)  Merisa asked me if she could have some ice cream.  I said sure.  Then, she asked if she could just eat it out of the container.  I asked her why (I've got to stop doing that!).  With pure disgust, she pointed out the obvious by stating...

Since you're having troubles keeping on top of the dishes,
I'm sure there isn't any clean bowls! 

Of course, she just volunteered to be the new dish washer.  Wasn't that so nice of her?! =)

2)  As Christmas nears, the thought of decorating the house with thousands of lights flows through my head.  Every year I wait in anticipation.  I LOVE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!  Let's just say that it's my dream to give Clark Griswold a run for his money.  In case you've forgotten, I'm referring to Chevy Chase's National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!  Oh, yes, one day I will put up enough lights that aliens in outer-space can see our house with ease.  Granted, it annoys my husband, but I enjoy the little bit of tackiness.  So what if you have to pull down the shades in order to sleep at night or start your day at 3:00 am because you think the sun is up...I. LOVE. CHRISTMAS. LIGHTS!  Did I mention that?  So the many boxes of Christmas decorations will be coming down from the attic.  Each strand will be tested to ensure there aren't any problems.  Numerous electrical cords will be stretched across the yard.  And I will spend hours climbing the ladder, attaching the lights, connecting cords...only to figure out that I ran everything in the wrong direction so nothing connects right, and it must be reversed.  Yep, it never fails.  I make things a lot harder than they should be!  Oh, well!  As we say around here, it looks like Christmas puked on our house!  Love it! =)

3)  Speaking of movies, I hope you all have had the privilege of watching A Christmas Story.  Ya know, the "you'll shoot your eye out" movie!  LOOOOOVE IT!  In the story, the little boy is double-dog dared to stick his tongue to the freezing pole.  No one can turn down a double-dog dare, right?  Anyway, a few years ago, kids were waiting for the bus outside of our house.  I didn't pay much attention until I saw a few kids scurrying around looking a bit panicked.  Next thing I knew there was an adult (or two?) running to the bus stop.  I'll spare the details, but let's just say a certain little boy (and no, he didn't belong to me although I'm sure one of mine WILL be testing this theory in the near future!) managed to stick his tongue to the pole only to get it stuck!  I think it shocked and adults, alike.  Maybe I should think twice before letting my dare-devil son watch this movie!  (And I hope it's okay that I shared this story seeing how I left out the names!)  =)

4)  Lastly, thanks for all of the wonderful comments about my blog.  I can't believe how many are actually reading this! I feel like the pressure's on now, but thanks so much for the compliments!

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