Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Deepest Apologies...

As you may have noticed, the holidays are just around the corner!  This is a wonderful time of year...seeing family and friends, eating TONS of food that completely blows your diet, listening to Amy Grant's Christmas CD for the 13,965 time (Seriously! This is probably a low guess, too.  If you don't have this album, you must get it.  The best Christmas music...EVER!)  And, of course, putting up the Christmas tree...which, in my case, takes an entire day, if not two...only to have every ornament rolling across the floor seconds later due to a very active toddler!  I do recall a little someone who decided the pretty ornaments were the exact same balls that daddy had taught this said person to throw.  Wasn't it so nice for mommy to hang these beautiful toys ever so nicely and in perfect reach?  Of course, they were meant to be thrown in pure excitement all the while shouting ...BALL, which was the only word this little person was saying at the time.  It's a good thing he's cute!  =)

Everyone loves the holiday season.  The smell of fresh Christmas trees, cookies baking in the oven, beautiful music playing in every room, and children dreaming about what amazing presents Santa will bring. 

Okay...it's a little different in our house.  The smell of spruce is replaced with the fresh odor of baby poo.  The cookies are baking, but that's nothing new...I do make cookies a lot (and, as my husband has so graciously pointed out, I eat them ALL before anyone else ever gets so much as a nibble!)  The Christmas music will be playing, but who can hear it over the loud noise that echoes through our house on a daily basis.  And as for Santa's gifts...good thing we can rely on him!  For I tend to forget where I hid the presents that I bought the previous year all so I could save a little money.  And when it comes to wrapping gifts...oh, my!  I have to wrap them moments before opening them.  If I do wrap them ahead of time and sit them oh so beautifully under the tree, they will be DESTROYED by either the cat who loves to eat ribbon, or the dog that must get inside the box for he is certain there is a bone buried deep within the pretty package, or by the occasional child that cannot control him- (or her-) self.  It doesn't matter who the gift is for because it is Christmas...the season of giving!  These presents MUST be for whoever finds them, right?! 

So I'm writing this in order to give you my deepest apologies in advance... 

We WILL be late to every gathering (even the ones held at our house) despite all attempts to be ready two hours early! 

We WILL forget your gift despite buying it well in advance. 

We WILL be wrapping gifts moments before they are opened despite wrapping them earlier in the season. 

We WILL forget to bring our special dish despite buying the ingredients before the mad grocery store rush and staying up all night making it.

We WILL somehow not mail our Christmas cards in a timely manner despite ordering them before Halloween.

But you should know that it was all done with good intent and with all of our love!  As the Gosselin's once said, "It's a crazy life, but it's our life!"   I wouldn't change a thing! =)

I'll leave you with pictures of the first time the older two held the bebe...aren't they precious?!

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  1. LOVED seeing you all this weekend! Can't wait for more in just over a month!

    And just wanted to let you know... I'm listening to Amy Grant's Christmas album right now. Make that time number 13,966! I even downloaded it in Tanzania because it just didn't seem like Christmas without it... :)


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