Friday, August 12, 2011

The Little Man...

This little man may be the end of me!  His little brain never stops...nor do his legs!  People who see him often ask if he ever walks.  Nope, he has one speed, and it's high gear, nonstop running!  I just wanted to show you one day in the life of Logan (or rather the life of his parents as we try to keep up with him!). 

The morning starts out with Logan letting the dogs out of their fence.  I was just a few feet behind, but nevertheless, I couldn't stop him nor the dogs.  The dogs took off for the field as Logan gasps and says "Ugh!".  With the baby in hand, I contemplated running after the dogs.  I thought " more dogs!"  But for some reason I decided to chase after them.  Mind you, I'm carrying the baby, Logan is loose, and Matt and Merisa are painting the barn and can't hear me yelling.  The dogs enter the bean field, and since the crops are taller than them, they can't be seen.  Eventually, after a lot of running and yelling, the dogs are snatched up by Matt and Merisa. 

So we lock up the dogs thinking all is well...but we forgot about Logan and his cleverness!  He, then, proceeds to let the dogs out yet again!  We chase them again and catch all three.  This time I lock everyone up in the house.  Oh, but I forgot that we have more than one door...for Logan decides to let the dogs out the front door!  Again, Matt and Merisa catch the dogs and bring everyone inside...for now!  I head to the kitchen only to hear Merisa yell "Logan let the cats and dogs out this time!"  Really?!  First thoughts were that he was doing me a favor...getting rid of the animals!  But Merisa didn't like that idea so she chased everyone down and brought them back in...all by herself! 

Only moments later, I hear Matt say "Logan, what did you do?!"  Yep, the boy was at it again.  I was afraid to look, but somehow found the courage to walk upstairs only to find that Logan decided the carpet should be painted black!  Now we just put this carpet in last year when we moved and obviously, I didn't pick the right color!  I went with a speckled beige, and Logan thought it should be black!  After an hour of cleaning, I gave up and decided Logan was right...the carpet should be black.  So the stain remains! 

Well, I'll end with that.  Oh, I should mention that all of this happened in the first two hours of the morning!  There were more exciting events later that day, but I'll save that for another time. 

All I have to say is that we love that boy...craziness and all! :)


  1. Yep mama your right Logan is crazy.He is always making a mess while we are still cleaning up the other one.And I think hes doing one now. When will he STOP!

  2. I want everyone to know that the above comment is from Merisa and not case you were wondering!


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